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CP Rewritten: Penguin Awareness Day

Today is Penguin Awareness Day, and the Club Penguin Rewritten team posted a really cool image to celebrate the occasion! Whilst it doesn’t come with a code, it looks really awesome!

You might also notice a penguin and a rock from the Underwater Expedition. This was an absolutely epic party in 2012 in classic Club Penguin, so I was curious if it would be returning.

Having asked stu, an administrator, in-game, he revealed that this image was not meant to imply/foreshadow anything, but he did say “Who knows what the future brings” and used a wink emote.

It would be incredibly cool to see an Underwater Expedition this year, so hopefully it may even happen! It was said today that there are lots of exciting things planned which even the team find exciting, so it could just be that this is one of them!

Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126

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