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CP Rewritten: HUGE Cart Surfer Update – Hardcore & Leaderboard

A huge new Cart Surfer update has been released, exclusive to Club Penguin Rewritten, filled with new modes, a leaderboard, new stamps, new redesigns, new pins and so much more!

In this post, I will be showcasing everything which you need to know about the new Cart Surfer update that has been released! The login screen has been updated for the new game, as well as the game’s menu.

The first new change is the redesign for both the classic and hardcore mode! It seems a lot more like a cave now, with lanterns to guide you on the way! Along with this, the walls have become a lot more darker. The sparks when grinding are now also blue.

Overall, the atmosphere is magnificently approved and it feels way more like a cave now! However, you may need to increase your brightness a bit to be able to clearly see ahead.

Hardcore mode has also been released! This is a new mode in which you have unlimited time to perform as many tricks as you want, however you only have one cart. If you crash, you need to restart from the beginning.

When ending the game, your score is divided by 20 instead of ten unlike usual. However, should you receive all the stamps for the game, your score will be divided by ten instead of twenty!

There are four new stamps which can be obtained: Surfing Pro, Minecart Master, Hardcore Hero and Unbeatable.

These stamps rely on earning points in Hardcore Mode, which can be done by performing tricks. If you reach 25K points, you’ll receive an insanity stamp.

This actually isn’t too hard to do as I managed to obtain it on my second try, however I have a tip to help you! My suggestion would be to press the down key then the spacebar then the spacebar and the left key. 

Make sure you keep rotating them otherwise your points will be halved. If you keep doing this and grinding the corners, you will earn maximum coins! Within a short time, you will hopefully be able to obtain all four of the new stamps.

The other new awesome feature is the leaderboard! Each Sunday at midnight PST, the scores reset, however the leaderboard is the penguins who earnt the most points in one run in a single week.

Currently, the maximum you can get is 100K but this will be fixed soon!

Along with this, there is a prize for those who make it to first place! Even if you’re there just for a second, you will receive an exclusive pin and postcard! stu posted this picture online, featuring the Cart Surfer Medal Pin.

This postcard and pin looks epic and I can definitely see the competition to obtain! A few people have earnt it already, and over time, more and more people will be able to get it!

Overall, I love this Cart Surfer update and think it’s super cool! Whilst the stamps seemed easy for me to get, the leaderboard is going to keep me very competitive until I receive that pin! Thank you very much for reading, be sure to check back for more of the latest news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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