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CP Rewritten: 1st Anniversary Party – FULL GUIDE

This party has now ended, but the yearbook can still be found

The 1st Anniversary Party has begun on Club Penguin Rewritten until tomorrow, February 13th! This event is filled with lots of things to collect, from items to stamps, decorations and even a yearbook. In this post, I will be sharing a guide to all of these, as well as the secrets of the party!

Many penguins are expecting mascots to also be visiting this party! For an increased chance in meeting one, check out our Mascot Trackers which can be found here.

Items and Pin:

The main items which can be obtained in this party can be found in the Book Room, which is above the Coffee Shop! Head there and you will be able to find a Party Hat and a Pin.

The 1st Anniversary Party Hat is located in a gift box on the bottom left. Once you click it, you will be able to add the hat to your inventory and wear it!

If you click the cake on the table in the top right of your screen, you will realise it’s a pin! Click “Yes” and it will be added to your inventory and your stampbook. Both of these will be unavailable forever once the party ends, so definitely be sure to pick them up!

Lastly, there is an Ice Cream Vest apron at the Coffee Shop. This item has been obtainable before, however it has a really cool action, so definitely pick this up too!

You can find it in the box by the Java Bags near the entrance to the Book Room.

Celebration Stamp:

A stamp is also obtainable for the next two days: the Celebration Stamp! This is an easy party stamp, however there’s only one opportunity to obtain it each year, and this is it!

To obtain it, head to the Coffee Shop where you will find the room decorated in the colours of the Party Hat! On the bottom left is a cake. Click any candles on the cake and you will receive a stamp!

Other Room Decorations:

In the Coffee Shop, there’s some cool animations scattered across the room. For example, if you click the “Cream Soda” barrel, a glass gets filled!

The Town has also been decorated and it looks really cool! However, there’s also a hidden animation here too. If you move your mouse over the lever by the cannon, some fireworks will shoot out of it!

The final room decorated for this short party is the Night Club. Inside, the colours have been changed to suit the Anniversary colour theme! It looks really cool!


The last but also extremely cool thing which is new at this party is the 2017-2018 Yearbook. If you head to the Book Shop and click on the bookstand on the left, you will see it’s the only yearbook left on the shelf.

This Yearbook is incredibly cool, and I’m really glad the team were able to add one! It summarises the parties and events of the last year, however there also are a few secrets in it.

If you click the place of the red circle in the images below on the actual yearbook, a small animation or pin will appear! I am confident I have found most secrets, though if I have missed any, this post will be updated immediately!

For February 2017, if you click the door, it will open slightly.

For March 2017, click the gold pot which the purple penguin is holding for the Clover Pin to appear. If you click the Easter Egg for April 2017, a crayon will appear. Also, if you click Rookie’s tongue, he will be portrayed with a moustache.

If you click the Medieval Party logo, a Crown Pin will appear.

If you click the note in the Music Jam logo, the Record Pin will appear. Also, if you click the item preventing the purple octopus from deflating, the Sun Pin will appear.

If you click the strap of the Jet Pack, a Jet Pack pin will fly across your screen.

If you click the bee’s lantern, the Pumpkin Pin will appear.

If you click Herbert’s glowing red button, a pin will move across your screen.

If you click the “Coins for Change” logo, the Present Pin will appear. If you click one of the maracas, the Taco Pin will appear. If you click the other, the penguin will begin to shake a little.

That concludes the secrets in the yearbook, and as such, the guide for this party! It’s only a few days, but there’s a lot to check out! Several penguins are celebrating, and the party is extremely fun, so definitely check it out!

Thank you very much for reading, be sure to check back for more of the latest news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

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