CP Rewritten: Elsa, Kermit & Merry Walrus Visits – 04/03/18

As part of the celebrations for the final day of Club Penguin Rewritten, Elsa, Kermit and Merry Walrus made a visit on the island on the server Blizzard!

We explored the island, interacted each other and had a very good time! It wasn’t actually Elsa, but a staff member dressing up as her! Staff members have been able to obtain all kinds of different items today, and as a result, lots of penguins have had fun seeing them online!

Another mascot who hagrid dressed up as was Merry Walrus, who looked really cool and even had a funny laugh!

Kermit also came online, though it was technically Hagrid once again!

In all seriousness though, some actual mascots will log on today! I just found these pictures quite funny and wanted to share it with you! None of these mascots had a background or stamp.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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