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Club Penguin Rewritten: Scrapped Concepts & Ideas

One of the saddest things about Club Penguin Rewritten’s closure is the huge potential which it still carried, and there were lots of amazing things that would have fulfilled this.

A few days ago, Hagrid shared some of the which the team had been working on before the closure. In March, there were plans for an event where users could submit art for them to be sculptures in-game, as well as the Puffle Party! However, there was also so much more planned.

Elite Penguin Force:

After Operation Blackout when the EPF and PSA HQ were destroyed, there were huge plans for when rebuilding finished. Whilst we will never get to see them in-game, this is absolutely true, with an entire custom room being built to replace the old one!

This room never appeared on Club Penguin, yet looks extremely cool, with training areas that were very popular in Operation Blackout, meeting areas and even the Tube Transport!

It didn’t just stop there though, there were already plans for a new “mission system”. This likely would mean something similar to the PSA missions, perhaps which were even completely new!

These would’ve been so cool to experience but we did get a small picture of the new system and it looks incredible.

Grey Puffle:

With the Puffle Party planned for March before the closure, the team were planning to release a new custom puffle, the Grey Puffle!

The amazing thing about this was that the grey puffle wouldn’t just be a puffle with its colour changed. It had a whole new personality, preferences and a backstory! Even it’s colour palette has been adjusted, with a lavender tongue and eyebrows!

I really like the fact it can disappear, as well as the fact that the team planned to introduce a rumour related to Card Jitsu with this puffle too.

There’s more too! A toy action was also going to be introduced with this puffle, where it would knit a scarf and then bite it viciously. It looks extremely well-made and it would’ve been so cool to see this in-game!

I really love how they went so far with this to turn it into a puffle with a great design who actually has a personality!

Card Jitsu:

An absolutely awesome addition to the game would’ve been a Card Jitsu leaderboard, especially due to how successful and fun the Cart Surfer leaderboard was. In fact, there was even a concept for one!

The leaderboard probably would have ranked people depending on how many games they won in a certain time period, with there being rewards of a pin and postcard similar to Cart Surfer by reaching third place. This is how the concept looks like!

I wasn’t expecting this to happen, but this concept looks incredible and really wish it could’ve been a reality.

Whilst this concept does look absolutely amazing, the team were actually already working on something much bigger too: Card Jitsu Fire and the Fire Dojo!

Card Jitsu Fire is a really fun game which will probably be familiar to you from classic CP. Being able to play it on Rewritten has been a huge request, and it could’ve been a reality! In fact, the team were even trying to see if they could do Card Jitsu Snow!

St. Patrick’s Day Items:

St Patrick’s Day is a party which was celebrated in 2017 on Club Penguin Rewritten, however this year, the team had something even more special planned!

The pictures below are designs of custom items, meaning they would have never before been seen! Lots of penguins loved these custom items, so it’s a shame we won’t be seeing it in-game.


A picture of a surfboard concept was also shared, likely for Catchin’ Waves. It looks really cool and completely custom! This is how it looks like.

New blog design:

One of the things planned for just after the anniversary of Club Penguin Rewritten in February was a new homepage, which looked extremely fresh and cool!

It had a familiar design, yet still somehow looked so much better. Some pictures of the design were shared too!

Along with a redesigned home page, there would also be a new community section which replaced the current one. In comparison, I personally find this one a lot more fresh and better, yet I still love that it is familiar to the released one!

All of these concepts and ideas look incredible, and I so wish that we would’ve been able to experience another fantastic year on Club Penguin Rewritten. I’m really glad that they were shared though as they look so cool!

There will be one more post about CP Rewritten on this blog, but thank you very much for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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