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Waddle on, Club Penguin Rewritten

Today marks almost one week since Club Penguin Rewritten’s closure and after blogging about the game for several months and playing the game since the beta, it is with deep sadness that this will most likely be my final Club Penguin Rewritten post.

One of the things I really wanted to do is just share some of my personal favourite parties and events in just a random order. Some of the memories on the island are so cool, so I just wanted to share them one final time on this blog.

Halloween Party:

This party was probably my favourite due to a combination of extremely well-decorated rooms, an amazing selection of costumes, really fun mascot meet-ups and challenging activities.

It was so cool to be able to complete a difficult Scavenger Hunt and even help a few other penguins finish it! From the Dark Chamber to the Haunted House, I also loved the huge variety of party rooms and the spooky feeling which the party had, it really was incredible!

Christmas Party:

The Christmas Party had such beautiful decorations, a wonderful catalog and lots of incredible soundtracks, whilst still also continuing the magic of Coins for Change! This party was definitely one of my favourites.

I love how the team were able to recreate the familiar holiday-feel, and I absolutely loved the decorations and outfits.

The 2018 countdown at the Snow Forts was also such a cool touch for the conclusion of the party, especially since it seemed really unique to the island! All of this made the 2017 Christmas Party one of my personal favourite events.

Operation Blackout:

Operation Blackout was one of the most memorable events, this party was executed almost to perfection! There were lots of cool activities, amazing decorations which changed regularly and my personal favourite thing, mascot meet-ups!

There were several mascot visits for this party, but they all had really fun personalities! Herbert even told me to “get off the island” at one point, it was incredibly fun!

Wilderness Expedition:

Perhaps one of the more underrated parties, I really loved the Wilderness Expedition. It only lasted a few days long, but the maze and puzzle was really enjoyable and fun! In the end, being able to adopt a brown puffle was cool too!

Music Jam:

This was the party which I first fully got engaged in and it was great! There were a variety of cool items and amazing rooms, as well as the chance to get the DJ Maxx stamp for the first ever time! It was overall a really cool party.

Winter Fiesta:

This party was just really cool, from the exclusive catalog containing the Red Lei, to the party’s rooms and celebrations! I really loved how the Casta Fiesta was almost always busy. This party was just overall really fun!

Water Party:

July was a really amazing month for me on the island. Not only was it the month where I was selected as a Penguin of the Week, but there was a really cool party too!

The Water Party had really cool decorations, including the whale, and there were so many fun events during the time such as Mod Monday! It was a lot of fun.

The Great Snow Maze:

Though a bit more recent, the Great Snow Maze still remains an extremely cool event! I loved being able to explore the maze and the Yeti Costume at the end was really awesome.

Penguin Play Awards:

This event occurred only a few weeks ago, so you may remember it! The month was quite tense for the game, but it still had a really cool party, especially with some of the decorations at the Pizza Parlour. I also really loved the costumes which were brought back.

Club Penguin 12th Anniversary Party:

For the first time ever on Club Penguin Rewritten, we were able to tip the Iceberg in celebration of Club Penguin turning twelve years old! The Coffee Shop also had a really amazing design, which was completely custom.

Great Storm:

Although this event was slightly smaller compared to others, I really loved the storm in October, and actually even wish it was permanent. The lighting on the buildings, the rain, the puddles, it was just a perfect addition to the island.

Waddle on Party:

Without a doubt one it was one of the most emotional parties, however it did not disappoint with amazing decorations and even a chance to tip the Iceberg!

But above all, this party had some really special mascot and community events, whether they were unplanned or planned, and I will really miss those.

These were some of my personal favourite parties, but there were so many more, some of which I didn’t even properly experience. The Medieval Party, St. Patrick’s Day Party, Festival of Flight, the Fair, the list goes on. I’m sure you may have had your own preferences too, but either way, I will really miss all these fun events.

Nothing will replace the magic of Club Penguin Rewritten. No other private server or game has such an incredible variety and flow of content, with an amazing community, backed by a trustworthy and professional team who genuinely care. To the Club Penguin Rewritten team, thank you so much.

It’s really been such a fun game to blog about too and really an honour to have helped quite a few people. I’ve loved every single moment and whilst this isn’t the end of this blog yet, I will really miss Club Penguin Rewritten.

I know that you might not be here for the next part of the journey, but I sincerely hope that you find something you enjoy, and I wish you the best of luck at whatever you do next. Thank you, and waddle on.

-Torres 126


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