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Club Penguin Rewritten: 101 Days of Fun

A new celebration is taking place on Club Penguin Rewritten for the next 101 days, in which you have the chance to earn 1001 coins each day!

It’s called “101 Days of Fun”, and the challenge is that the team will set some activities to do each day (you can find them below). If a staff member of the game sees you completing that activity, you will be rewarded with 1001 coins. If not, it’s still quite a nice thing to do!

Here are the activities for this week:

  • 12th June – Help some penguins out by showing them where the new pin is located
  • 13th June – Grab a construction hat from the Penguin Style catalog & get more than 10 dancing construction buddies to join you on the Iceberg!
  • 14th June – Play 10 levels of Astro Barrier, then shoot at the blue ship to uncover secrets levels
  • 15th June – Grab an outfit from the new catalog and ready up a team for some snowball fun at the Snow Forts
  • 16th June – Go Ice Fishing by entering the door in the Lodge. Try and catch the mullet!
  • 17th June – Buy an outfit at the Stage and act out Squidzoid VS Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal
  • 18th June – Comment on the What’s New Blog and help the team pick a “Summer Pin”

You can do the next activity at midnight PST (as confirmed by an administrator) and you can check the time at the Snow Forts!

Each day, Club Penguin Mountains will offer a guide to completing the activity, especially for some of the more tricky ones which might come, but there isn’t a guarantee a staff member will see you doing it. Good luck though!

Today’s challenge is simply to help someone find the pin; you can do this by directing them to it at the Dance Lounge, or perhaps by telling someone looking for the pin elsewhere on the island that it is at the Dance Lounge. (Pin location)

You can also place your suggestions for new activities in the comments of this official blog post. Thank you very much for reading!

Good luck!

-Torres 126

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