Club Penguin Rewritten

POLL: Hosting Events/Parties In-game

One of the things which I’m considering is hosting some random events/parties on Club Penguin Rewritten!

Although they may be advertised on this blog, they won’t be themed around this blog, and I think that some of them could be a lot of fun, and some people have requested it too! As such, I have created a poll on the matter, and I would appreciate you voting!

For example, one of the things which I am very eager to do during this month’s Music Jam is recreate this conga line around the Casta Fiesta, along with some other fun things!

Overall, I’m just hoping to organise a bit of fun every once a while on the island, and as many people have suggested this idea, I figured I’d make a poll.

Thank you for voting!

-Torres 126

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