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CP Rewritten: 101 Days of Fun – Day #4

Day four of “101 Days of Fun” can now be completed on Club Penguin Rewritten! This is the activity for today, June 15th:

Grab an outfit from the new catalog and ready up a team for some snowball fun at the Snow Forts

The first thing you need to do is choose an outfit from the new pages of the Penguin Style at the Gift Shop (see here). An outfit is defined by all the clothes which one penguin is wearing.

For example, you could select the two items which the aqua player is wearing on page two. You then need to purchase them and wear them!

After this, gather some other penguins who also must be wearing a complete outfit from this month’s new clothing items, though it doesn’t need to be the same as yours.

Head over to the Snow Forts with all of them and start throwing around some snowballs (you can press “T” on your keyboard to do so). You will then have completed today’s activity, and a staff member will give you 1001 coins if they see you!

Also, you’ll know if you get the coins as a pop-up will now appear informing you if the coins have been added to your account.

Thank you very much for reading, good luck with the activity!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

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