CP Rewritten: Reviewed by You #6 – Instruments

A new Reviewed by You has been released on the official Club Penguin Rewritten blog, where you can leave a comment in response to a question set and have a chance to win 5000 coins!

Last week, the team asked about our favourite job on the island, such as an EPF agent or a waiter, and Peidovermei and Static both were selected, with them discussing the jobs at the Pizza Parlor and the Coffee Shop! Congratulations to both!

The question set by the team this week is:

What is your favourite instrument that you like playing? (eg. guitar/piano/tuba)

If you wish to participate and have a chance of winning 5000 coins, you can leave a comment with your response on the official blog post here.

Along with this, in case you missed it, some official wallpapers were recently added to the Community section too a few months ago! You can see them all here.

Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126

10 thoughts on “CP Rewritten: Reviewed by You #6 – Instruments

  1. If I win, how long does it take to get the coins? Also, my penguin name for login is, for example, waddlewaddle but when playing it shows numbers like P045536, what is this? will it make me not get my coins?

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