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CP Rewritten: 101 Days of Fun – Day #6

Day six of “101 Days of Fun” can now be completed on Club Penguin Rewritten! This is the activity for today, June 17th:

It’s time for Squidzoid VS Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal! Buy an outfit of your choice at the Stage and act out the play!

If a staff member sees you acting out the play with costumes from the play, you will receive 1001 coins and a prompt will appear telling you that you’ve received the coins!

In order to complete this challenge, you will first need to go the Stage and purchase either the Squidzoid, all three items of the Shadow Guy outfit or all three items of the Gamma Gal outfit from the Costume Trunk.

Next, wear only the outfit which you have chosen (don’t wear any other items as you can’t perform the special dance with the superhero suit!) and find some other penguins. Ask them to wear one of the three outfits too, ideally with each penguin wearing a different outfit!

There are six characters part of this play fully, so try and find six penguins to play each of the following roles:

  1. Shadow Guy (full outfit in Costume Trunk)
  2. Gamma Gal (full outfit in Costume Trunk)
  3. Squidzoid (full outfit in Costume Trunk)
  4. Reporter
  5. Witness
  6. Director

Some other items are available to help fulfil role four and five, but they aren’t as necessary. Next, pull up your script by clicking the red button in the bottom right. You can click a line to say it in-game, so keep progressing through the script. Each person must try and say their line in time!

If a staff member sees you trying to act out the play, you will all receive 1001 coins. Have fun and good luck!

-Torres 126

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