Let’s earn some activity stamps!

The event is now over, thank you very much for attending!

Seven new stamps were released on Club Penguin Rewritten last night, and whilst many penguins may have got them, not everyone has!

As such, this Saturday on the server Sleet at midday (PST), I’ll be hosting an activity stamps meet-up where we can work together to earn some of the stamps! Here is the official invite:

We will start at the Stadium, then head to the Pizza Parlor, then the Night Club and the Dance Lounge before hopefully visiting some igloos if enough people attend! Here are the stamps we’ll try to achieve.


  1. Soccer Team Stamp (Stadium – Form a team with 5 penguin in the same jersey)
  2. Pizza Lover Stamp (Pizza Parlor – 20 Penguins use the pizza emote here)
  3. Fort Battle Stamp (Snow Forts – Throw snow here with 5 penguins of the same colour)
  4. Dance Party Stamp (Night Club – Dance with 10 people) 
  5. Floor Filler Stamp (Night Club – Dance with 25 people)
  6. Go Blue! Stamp (Night Club – 30 light blue penguins dancing here)
  7. Go Red! Stamp (Night Club – 30 red penguins dancing here)
  8. Go Green! Stamp (Night Club – 30 light green penguins dancing here)
  9. Go Yellow! Stamp (Night Club – 30 yellow penguins dancing here)
  10. Game On! Stamp (Dance Lounge – 20 penguins use the joycon emote here)
  11. Igloo Party Stamp (Igloos – 10 people inside them)
  12. Party Host Stamp (Igloos – 30 people inside them)
  13. Happy Room Stamp (Any room – 10 laughs or smiles in a room)

Please unlock your igloo if you’d like the Igloo Party or Party Host stamp!

The event is now over, thank you for attending! We managed to earn eleven stamps, and 68 penguins received both the Igloo Party & Party Host stamp! I’m sorry if we didn’t get to you, but maybe next time! 

It’ll be a lot of fun, so feel free attend anyway just to participate and have fun! Thank you to [Kuuhaku] and Best King 58 for helping with this event! I hope to see you there.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

29 thoughts on “Let’s earn some activity stamps!

  1. Whoa, cool!
    Sadly I don’t play on Saturdays (only after sunsets), but I am very interessed with this stamp meet-up! Will you make another ones?

    • Awh, sad you couldn’t attend but that’s completely understandable!

      Most likely, I hope to do things similar to this (probably not specifically for activity stamps) in the future, especially since it’s now the holidays for many, including myself! One of the things I’m hoping to do is a tornado/flood, or something similar to that, but basically anything which will be fun! 🙂

  2. This is awesome!!! You can count me in!! I’ll try to attend, but I can’t really tell!
    Awesome, none the less!! =D

  3. This is awesome! Thanks for doing a meetup, hope we can get a lot of penguins and get all those stamps! (especially the impossible igloo stamps xD)

  4. Torres, I was at your event, I was the brown penguin sitting alone on the bleachers in your stadium pic XD , Nobody went to my igloo and I really need help getting the 30 penguin igloo stamp, Could there possibly be another meetup in the near future?

  5. Hey Torres! It’s really nice to see you are helping the community so much! Unfortunately, I missed the meeting.. ): It would be really nice of you, if you will be able to host another meeting on stamp hunting. Till then, Waddle on!
    (P. S : Can you please host another meeting on next Saturday/ Sunday? Because everybody would be free at that time!)

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