CP Rewritten: More Treasure Hunt Boxes

As announced a few days ago, some Treasure Hunt boxes have been scattered all around the island!

You can now play Treasure Hunt at the Cove and Ski Village, as well as the Beach!

Sadly, the stamps haven’t been fixed just yet but they will be later today! Currently the medium stamps are working, but the first gem stamp is very buggy. You should be able to collect the “Collector” stamp without any issues though!

Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126


10 thoughts on “CP Rewritten: More Treasure Hunt Boxes

  1. im never able to get the rare gem now…. also how is it possible to get the gem expert stamp? it requires you to uncover a gem in 3 moves… the minimum move count to uncover one is 4 moves, right?

  2. Are the stamps likely to be released by the end of today? Sorry to be impatient as I’ve already commented about it before, just really want to fill up that Stamp Book page!

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