CP Rewritten: Yellow Tracksuit now Available

The Penguin Games is on now until Thursday, and it seems the team have hidden a bit of a secret in the clothing catalog recently!

This has been quietly done recently, but seems to be intentional given the ongoing event on the island! You can now purchase the Yellow Tracksuit for 400 coins.

Update: It is now too late to get this item via this method

It’s replaced the First Mate’s Outfit, so you can head to the first page and click the left eye of the orange penguin, you’ll be able to purchase it.

Note: It seems you need to click “Buy” for it to actually appear. You may have it as it was around last year too!

Thank you very much for reading, be sure to check back for more of the latest news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


8 thoughts on “CP Rewritten: Yellow Tracksuit now Available

  1. Mmm i can’t seem to find it, click on the penguins eye and the first’s mate shows up, clicked the buy item button too, nothing. Nor in the first page penguin eye btw

  2. Same anon that wrote the “I can’t seem to find it” comment. I had already cleared my cache and checked, just now occured to me that i might already have the suit from the last party where you could get it (Info on cpr wiki), checked my inventory and there it was. Sorry for the trouble, turns out the message “you already have this item” when clicking the buy button was for the tracksuit. Thank you

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