CP Rewritten: “Hopefully” a 2007 Party

A lot of parties from on Club Penguin Rewritten are from the 2009-2012 “era”, which had the artstyle the game currently uses.

Many of these parties are amazing, but a common request has been for a slightly older party, perhaps for nostalgia purposes! However, despite this being popular in the past, the team have now stated they are “hopefully” going to do one.

Perry9301: Hey CPR team, Can You Guys Make a 2007 Party? Please?

stu: Hopefully!

This sounds very exciting, but for those unaware on why this might be issue, it was in a different artstyle and also many rooms weren’t added yet, such as the Stage!

One of the most popular requests for parties is Camp Penguin, which occurred in 2007, and the island was decorated in a camping theme.

Camp Penguin, classic Club Penguin – 2007

Perhaps in the future, this could come to Club Penguin Rewritten, but only time will tell! So far, nothing has been confirmed for certain.

Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126


6 thoughts on “CP Rewritten: “Hopefully” a 2007 Party

    • Hmm, I also prefer the current style of parties, but I’ve never really experienced an older one so it’d be cool to see how one’s like. Only time will tell if it happens though! 😃

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