CP Rewritten Times: Issue #76 – Gariwald

A new editions of the Club Penguin Rewritten Times has been released, ahead of the eclipse coming out “late-ish” today!

It’s already confirmed that the Halloween Party will begin on the 25th October, and the Anniversary Party on 22nd October, so not much else was revealed, except for an interesting article on Gariwald.

Gary is wanting us to help find his great uncle Gariwald! Not much is known yet, other than there’ll almost certainly be ghosts (and possibly even the chance to transform into ghosts, but that’s not confirmed) at the Halloween Party. Hopefully, Gariwald might even be a mascot!

Though the paper doesn’t contain too much new information, it does look really cool, so I’d suggest checking it out online. Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126

7 thoughts on “CP Rewritten Times: Issue #76 – Gariwald

  1. There has been no mention of this, not even in the newspaper, so hopefully you will be just as surprised as I am when I say I spotted the Migrator while peering through the Beacon’s telescope. It is very close. All this time, I was thinking … Gary. I never imagined Rockhopper might visit. Of course, it could be a mistake. Any thoughts?

    • Torres, my apologies. The ship is leaving, but I thought RH had left ages ago. The word “Migrator” is so clear, I mistook that for the front of the ship, not the back. Drat! No need to post my comments. Sorry!

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