CP Rewritten: Halloween Storm is Brewing

Stormclouds were seen in the newspaper, and it’s been confirmed that this Halloween Party (starting later today) will bring a storm too!

stu described it as a “Halloween Storm”, and Joee (both administrators) also confirmed that the “storm is coming”! The Halloween Party will begin later today, which is super exciting.

Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126

16 thoughts on “CP Rewritten: Halloween Storm is Brewing

  1. Hey, Torres! I just wanted to thank you for the hard work and dedication you pour into your blog and the multitude of resources that come along with it. It’s really awesome that you’re doing your best to keep the community informed, and it has definitely helped me on numerous occasions. Best of luck to you and the future of your blog!

    • The Club Penguin Rewritten team said the following regarding the delay of the party:

      We ran into some bugs during our testing of the party and hope to fix them as fast as possible. If we were to launch a party, we’d want it to be as bug free as possible for the launch.

  2. Is there something wrong with sensei, because its very easy to win against him, and hes always sitting on his pillow, not just appearing in a cloud of smoke when you hover your mouse over it. is this because of a party or is it a bug?

  3. Torres I think they planned for the storm to start already! The homepage now has a storm, an aurora, and the lights are out. (you can see the normal eclipse one in the wiki)

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