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Party Invite: Spooky Celebrations…

Boo!Β πŸ‘»

Halloween has hit the island on Club Penguin Rewritten, and on Monday, I’ll be holding a small celebration!

UPDATE: Thank you very much to all who visited! There’ll be a post on a few highlights, along with the winners of the igloo & outfit contests. I’m sorry if we didn’t get to your igloo or you couldn’t attend, but hopefully there’ll be a chance in the future! In total, we visited 80 igloos!

Here’s the details for the event, which will hopefully be a lot of fun:

  • Date: Monday October 29th 2018
  • Server: Marshmallow
  • Starting room: Forest (updated locations will be shown here on an embedded Twitter timeline)
  • Time: 7PM GMT, midday PST, 3PM ESTΒ (note to everyone in Britain: this accounts for the clocks going back the day before – the party is at 7PM in Britain)
  • Events: Exploring the island, visiting spooky igloos, earning stamps, and just having fun!

The event will be a lot of fun, as we’ll explore the island and Haunted Mansion! The other thing which we’ll do is help obtain the Trick & Treat stamp, and also the Party Host stamp, if you’ve got a spooky igloo prepared! Though this event isn’t just for stamps, hopefully we’ll get to cover a lot of igloos too!

Also, feel free to wear your spookiest outfits and igloos! Just for a bit of fun, I’ll feature some of my favourites in a blog post afterwards! The event will hopefully be a fun time for everyone, so feel free to come along!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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