CP Rewritten: Halloween Party 2018 – FULL GUIDE

The Halloween Party is out now on Club Penguin Rewritten, along with a storm and several other amazing things! It’s time to rescue Gariwald, hunt for ghosts and explore a beautifully decorated island! 🎃

Gary is confirmed to be visiting for this party, and you can view his tracker here.

Free Items

Firstly, let’s start with the pin! You’ll find it at the Stadium, and it is the Bonfire Pin. It’s right in-front of my penguin in the image below, behind the gate and to the right of the entrance.

At the Plaza you’ll find a really cool Pumpkin Basket at the bottom left, which can be obtained for free.

At the Haunted House, which can be accessed by going into the Mine Shack and then the spooky building there, you’ll find a free pumpkin head item.

There’s plenty of other items to obtain too, so be sure to complete the rest of the party!

Saving Gariwald

In order to save Gariwald, you’ll need to go to the Forest and enter the Haunted House. You’ll then need to start the search for five keys! You can click each key to be directed to that room.

Key one is directly in-front of you, in between the two candles and below the lock.

For key two, click the big tombstone with a key symbol on it. The key will then appear, and needs to be clicked again.

For key three, click the plate, and then the key will be obtainable.

For key four, click the book in the frame. Then click the key again to obtain it.

Lastly, for key five, click the frame of the bat puffle. The bat key pin will then appear.

Once you have all five pins, you can proceed to the next stage. You’ll be offered some Ghost Goggles, be sure to accept them as they look awesome!

Then, proceed through the middle door at the top! You can see arrows if you were your ghost goggles.

Boo! Gariwald will greet you, and even offer you a free background! You can receive it by clicking “Get Item”.

In this room, if you click the bottom right, you’ll find a new catalog! It’s filled with lots of cool items, but there are no hidden secrets.

If you step into the ghost machine, you’ll get to become a ghost! You can transform back at anytime, and dance to perform a really cool action.

Candy Scavenger Hunt

A candy scavenger hunt is also now on Club Penguin Rewritten, but you need to relog after completing the Mansion quest in order to see it. Here’s the locations, and I’d like to give a big thanks to all.xe for helping me with it:

Candy one is at the Mine (you need to go into the Mine Shack and then down the trapdoor) in the green cave at the top right.

Candy two is at the Ski Hill at the bottom, near the map.

Candy three is at the Mine Shack, you need to click the broken wall and then the candy will pop out!

Candy four is at the Stadium, located behind the “Snacks” sign. It’s very well hidden!

Candy five is at the Gift Shop in the hair of the pumpkin above the right chair.

Candy six is behind the plant in the Pizza Parlor.

Candy seven is at the Lighthouse, just above the Popcorn box.

Candy eight is hidden behind the plant on the left in the Dance Lounge.

When finding all these candies, click the pumpkin basket and then click “Claim Prize”. You’ll receive the Pumpkin Antennae for free!

Secret Lab

If you head to the Mine (via the trapdoor at the Mine Shack), and click the lantern, a secret entrance will open! Thanks Dillan172 for telling me about this!

There’s also some outfits for sale if you click the catalog on the bottom right. It will open up the “Monster Maker” containing a variety of different items!

If you click the in the word “Monster”, you will unlock the Raven Wings which can be purchased for 300 coins. This is the only secret in this catalog.


As part of this party, the Trick or Treat stamp has been added, and I’m hoping to help everyone get it, along with have a lot of fun! For now, you can get the stamp by visiting 10 igloos in one session which are the “Trick or Treat” ones (the one with three houses).

As such, I’ll be hosting an event on Club Penguin Rewritten on Monday.

UPDATE: The party is now over – thank you to all who attended!

The event will be a lot of fun, as we’ll explore the island and Haunted Mansion! The other thing which we’ll do is help obtain the Trick & Treat stamp, and also the Party Host stamp, if you’ve got a spooky igloo prepared! Though this event isn’t just for stamps, hopefully we’ll get to cover a lot of igloos too!

Also, feel free to wear your spookiest outfits and igloos! Just for a bit of fun, I’ll feature some of my favourites in a blog post afterwards! The event will hopefully be a fun time for everyone, so feel free to come along!


This party is absolutely fantastic, there’s lots to explore, a huge storm and some amazing decorations! An igloo contest has also begun, and the theme is “Halloween”. You can click the yellow button in your igloo to enter, and you’re welcome to change it after you’ve submitted now.

Night of the Living Sled is also broadcasting:

  • Part 1 – Coffee Shop
  • Part 2 – Dance Lounge
  • Part 3 – Lighthouse

Thank you very much for reading, and for the team for hosting such a lovely event!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

81 thoughts on “CP Rewritten: Halloween Party 2018 – FULL GUIDE

    • I did notice that, but all it really does is suggest CJ Fire is soon, which is already known! That’s why I haven’t posted too many CJ Fire stuff recently (eg. the image, news etc.) because they all suggest the same thing which I’ve already published: CJ Fire is very soon!

  1. Is the scavenger hunt stamp working? I found all the candy, but didn’t get the stamp. Did I do something wrong?

  2. Hey there, Torres! Happy Halloween!
    Thank you for the guide! I am looking forward to the Spooky celebration!

    – Kavoor

    • It isn’t the ones at the Snow Forts! It’s the igloo titled “Trick and Treat” (the one with the three houses), you need to visit ten of those in one session. We’ll also try to get it at the event on Monday!

  3. there is something really weird happening..
    i signed off of cpr to change accounts and came back on to marshmallow a few mins later…
    a bunch of tabs are open in cpr for me… its the dialogue thing for the theatre, but instead of script, it says “ACTOR- DIALOGUE DIALOGUE DIALOGUE DIALOGUE DIALOGUE DIALOGUE” then repeats.
    the buddy tab is open behind it, and it doesn’t show anyone on, but i cant see names, and i can’t move these tabs.
    there’s another tab open behind that, but i can’t see what it says, and again, i can’t move these.
    the buddy button on my chat tab at the bottom of the screen has a yellow text bubble forever saying “buddy online”.
    the edit player button on the left side of the buddy button on the chat tab is flickering between a star and the badge looking thing it’s supposed to be.
    it says i have 99 unopened letters, and i cant click them.
    it says i have buddy requests, can’t click those ethier.
    about every five seconds, i get a stamp, along with the ding alerting you of the stamp, and its a green circle with little circles inside it (like usual), on top its says “STAMP EARNED” but the stamp’s title is “test”.
    there are a few more tabs open…
    a player tab, which seems to be mine, or one i can control, says “Nickname” as its username (mines AND PEGGGGY) its says its a member, it is in the form of a ghost penguin, the background is an animated forest scene (with blinking eyes in the back) the ghost penguin seems to be blue, and there’s a button at the bottom that says “Transform back into a penguin!” there’s also a question mark button that highlights when i hover over it that is placed under the “x” button.
    there seems to be another player card tab, which i can seem to edit, but i can only see the arrow tab on the right side of it.
    also my PSA phone is open, and its scrolling through places on the phone screen really fast.
    when i hover my mouse over things, they highlight they way they are supposed to, and my mouse even changes between the pointer, the finger, and the text thing when it needs to, but when i click, nothing happens. the only thing i can click and get a response from is the room i am in. i can’t use the map, but if the tabs that are open aren’t blocking the exit of the room, i can walk around and switch rooms.

    im sorry this is so long… and i can try to email you a picture if u need it (i might do it anyway lol)
    thank you so much, so sorry to bother you!

  4. I noticed that the volcano at the dojo has red smoke rising out of it! Do you think this is just for Halloween or is it teasing Card Jitsu Fire?

  5. Hagrid, stu, rogerdan, and joee were in the same room earlier. It’s funny. Usually Stu uses correct grammar but this time he wasn’t. Do you think that the moderators acounts got hacked?

  6. Help! I have a glitch where every time i enter my igloo in the contest all my furniture goes back into my inventory when I hit save! I really want to join the contest so please help me out as soon as you can!

  7. Torres are you any type of club penguin staff? And do you have a you tube channel, if you dont you really should make one?

    • Nope, I’m not staff for any CPPSes. I do have a YouTube channel, but I barely upload on it, it’s mainly just used for watching/liking/commenting on other videos. There’s a couple of videos on it though, mainly just the quests on CP Island and an “archive” of my CPR account when it closed. I don’t really have much interest in making YouTube videos though, so it’s not really maintained!

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