CP Rewritten: Custom Items in December Catalog

Some news has been released regarding the upcoming Penguin Style coming on December 6th to Club Penguin Rewritten!

We already know that the catalog will contain the Green Torque, but it will also contain multiple custom items, which means (like Item of the Month) they will be exclusive to the game. 

“These custom items I’m making for the catalog better be worth it, because it’s taken me ages to fix the decompile errors”

-Joee, Club Penguin Rewritten administrator

This sounds pretty exciting, as it seems there’s going to be multiple custom items available next month! Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126

4 thoughts on “CP Rewritten: Custom Items in December Catalog

  1. Wait that jacket (hoodie) looks like the one from the Waddle On party catalog! By that I mean when they announced it, the hoodie was in the catalog.

    • The image used in this post doesn’t have anything to do with Club Penguin Rewritten – WordPress has rolled out a new editor which I’m testing to use by trying different designs, which is why I added that image! 🙂

    • Here’s the reason why that hasn’t happened so far, from Joee:

      Well, I’d make brand new items if I could, but I can’t as we don’t have the penguin models and animations. They (CP team) used modelling software to make the items, and drawing the sprite frame by frame would take a very long time

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