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CP Rewritten: A Humbug Holiday Stage Play

A new Stage Play has been released on Club Penguin Rewritten, titled A Humbug Holiday, and it contains one of my favourite stage decorations!

You can control the set using the Switchbox 3000, which turns on/off lights, shows reindeers, controls snow and more!

With a new play, there is also a new catalog! The Costume Trunk this month has got two secrets, and it has got a lot of cool items which you may wish to check out. Special thanks to those who pointed out the secrets! (2019)

Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Anonymous

    Actually, there are(to my knowledge) 2 secrets in the catalog. If you click the third circle to the left on the window at the top left, you can buy the balcony background. If you click the bottom stone in the middle, you can buy the Humbug Hat, Tri-Color Scarf, Monocle, Humbug Coat, and Iron Lantern

  • Pixelunatic

    This year’s costume trunk has a secret, the Balcony Background. It is on one of the circular window panes behind the Ghost of Today.


    hey i found a secret in the new stage catalogue for a christmas story – its a balcony wallpaper found in the circular window second from the right above the ghost of today! 🙂

  • Magic1998

    Hello I’m Magic1998. stage catalog has some secrets. One of the stones in the ground contains humbug penguins clothe and accessorizes and one of the circles on the window contains a background

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