CP Rewritten: Holiday Toque Postcard Selection

A new selection of postcards has been released on Club Penguin Rewritten, all themed around winter and the holidays!

There’s a few other postcards not on this page, but it does include a very special postcard! If you send the “Happy Holidays” postcard to someone for 10 coins, they’ll be able to open it in their Penguin Mail inbox and receive the Holiday Toque for free.

This also works that you can receive the Holiday Toque by receiving a “Happy Holidays” postcard from someone! It’s a really neat touch, especially since the holiday postcards are always beautiful!

Thanks TopHatNinja for the typo spot! 

Thank you for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126

4 thoughts on “CP Rewritten: Holiday Toque Postcard Selection

    • Good spot, thanks! Also, the other post was deleted, but I saw your comment and I just wanted to address it for you.

      The single, non-merged mascot trackers for sensei and rockhopper show no picture. The merged tracker doesn’t give information about the room but it does on the server.

      Images not displaying on individual trackers are intentional, they’ve been temporarily removed in favour of the merged tracker. Regarding information on the server, this is sort of intentional, but a bit rare. The way it works is that if I’m online (which has been the case so far for most of Sensei’s visits), the exact location (room & server) will be displayed. But when I’m offline, the tracker currently updates automatically every few minutes (roughly three to five minutes), so the room is not featured. I’m working on improving the delay (along with lots of other aspects of the mascot trackers), but that will take time. Sensei is usually in one of a few rooms though, so I’ll add a small notice of those rooms when the tracker goes back into automatically working. 🙂

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