CP Rewritten: Multiple Mascots this Month

View Rockhopper tracker and view Sensei tracker

Rockhopper is confirmed to visit this month, and Sensei was confirmed to visit for Card Jitsu Fire’s release. However, Sensei hasn’t made an appearance since April, which has caused some confusion.

It seems like Sensei is still planned to visit, because earlier today, the team hinted at there being multiple mascots visiting this month, using the green tea emoji and the parrot emoji as hints. Tea is associated with Sensei, and parrots with Rockhopper.

You’re going to be getting more than that…



-stu, CPR administrator, in response to someone wanting to meet Rockhopper

Since the message above was in response to meeting Rockhopper, it means that there will be multiple mascots visiting this month, one of whom is probably Sensei. Sensei was already confirmed to visit, but didn’t, but it seems he still is planned to due to the tea emoji!

Thank you for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126

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