CP Rewritten: Lily Pin Location – February 2019

A new pin has been hidden on Club Penguin Rewritten until February 14th! You can find this pin at the Dock near the tree on the far right, and it’s the Lily Pin.

To obtain this pin, click it and then click “Yes”. It will be then be added to your inventory so that you can wear it as well as your stampbook! If someone is blocking it, I would suggest going on a less empty server to obtain it!

Thank you very much for reading, I hope that this guide helped! Be sure to check back for more of the latest Club Penguin Rewritten news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

19 thoughts on “CP Rewritten: Lily Pin Location – February 2019

  1. There is a typo in the first paragraph it says on the far left when it should say on the far right

  2. Hey when I try to play cp rewrittin it autmaticly sens me to stus twitter page for some resion can you help me make this stop happing

  3. Hey, man,

    I know this is off-topic, but are more stamps coming to System Defender? Earning the 13 available stamps should elicit 3 Polaroid-like pictures (located to the right of the stamps in your stamp book). However, you get only 2, and there is a “16” where the 3rd Polaroid would appear, meaning you need 16 stamps to receive the final one. Any thoughts? Also, I equate the shout-out you gave me to earning the final stamp in Puffle Launch … totally amazing! The Snack Shack acknowledgement made my day, and it still brings me joy.

    Great job with the hidden catalog items.

    I am stoked for the Anniversary Party.


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