CP Rewritten: Member Badges Added

Something minor but cool was added to Club Penguin Rewritten last night: member badges! These appear on the top left of your playercard.

Whereas on classic Club Penguin, this signified how long you were a paying member for, this just signifies how old your account is.

The star “tier”

Here’s how it works: (thanks SeriouslyAPenguin!)

  • A plain badge – Less than 3 months old
  • One stripe (blue) – 3 months old
  • Two stripes (blue and orange) – 6 months old
  • Three stripes (blue, orange, and white) – 9 months old
  • A star (blue, orange, white and a star) – 12 months old

Thank you for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126

9 thoughts on “CP Rewritten: Member Badges Added

  1. Hey Torres! Just wanted to let you know that this post is categorized under Club Penguin Island, not Club Penguin Rewritten.

  2. Hi Torres, I believe the order of the stripes should be reversed. For example, my penguin’s badge currently has one stripe, but it’s blue (not white). Thus, the order is probably blue –> blue and orange –> blue, orange, and white.

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