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Club Penguin Rewritten: The Fair 2019 – Full Guide

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The Fair is on Club Penguin Rewritten now, and it’s packed with lots of new activities, games to play and prizes to win, including the introduction of golden tickets! This post will offer a complete guide to everything at the party! 🎪

Rockhopper is the only confirmed mascot for this party, and you can view his tracker here.

Codes, Items and Pins

This party has brought a new code, which unlocks 500 coins and a stuffed bunny! In order to receive this, you need to enter the code FUNFAIR19.

To redeem a code, click “Unlock Items Online” on the top right of the server selection page and then click “I’ve got a code!”, before entering your code.

The Snowcone Pin is located at the Coffee Shop, but it is a bit of a challenge to obtain it! You need to throw a few snowballs into the top of the machine (circled in the picture below), and then wait a bit as a reaction takes place.

After a few seconds, the pin will come out and you simply need to click it to be able to obtain it!

Head over to the Ski Village and click the camera on the bottom right! You will be able to obtain the “Step Right Up” background for doing so! This is the only free item in this party. You might already have it from last year though!

There’s also an item at the Lighthouse! You can obtain the Luxury Cowboy Hat.

Thanks PanickedFish, Fajardo and Greetly58 for informing me of this!

There’s still plenty more items and pins to earn, but that’s in the booths and I’ll cover that later!

Prize Booths

Tickets can be earned in mini-games to achieve prizes! There are two stand locations, the Forest and outside the Great Puffle Circus (which is also accessible from the Forest). Available are items, igloos, pins and backgrounds!

There is one secret at the booth near the Great Puffle Circus, you can click the ice cream mannequin for a teddy bear.

Not included in the image: the top left flag of the booth at the Great Puffle Circus (red flag) has another secret, the Red Ballon (thanks Avi!)

In order to win these though, you’ll need to collect some tickets, so let’s discuss Spin the Wheel!

Spin to Win

This is one of the newer additions to this year’s Fair, and can be found at the Dock. In order to “spin to win”, you’ll need to collect a golden ticket.

You can earn one by playing Fair games, but you should also get one when first logging in. You can also use 10K tickets to obtain a golden ticket.

When you’ve got a golden ticket, head on over to the Dock where you can spin the wheel.

There’s numerous prizes you can win. They include tickets, coins and a “mystery prize”, of which there appear to be nine in total.

Each spin offers the chance to get a mystery prize, here are all nine mystery prizes in total (thanks Babycrier!).

Other Games

Memory Card Game:

  • Location: Forest
  • Instructions: Find matching pairs in the fewest number of tries to earn the most tickets!
  • Recommendation for tickets: High

Ring the Bell:

  • Location: Dock
  • Instructions: When the hammer is in the centre, click your mouse and hold it until it is as green as it can get!
  • Recommendation for tickets: High (Max: 25 – however you can get many in just a few seconds)

Puffle Shuffle:

  • Location: Dock
  • Instructions: Puffles will float around under a hat, and you need to watch which one moves underneath which hat!
  • Recommendation for tickets: Medium

Balloon Pop:

  • Location: Area accessible from the Snow Forts
  • Instructions: Use the fan to blow your puffle’s balloon into the targets, so that the targets hit the cactus!
  • Recommendation for tickets: Low (I always found it difficult, but you may not!)

Puffle Soaker:

  • Location: Area accessible from the Snow Forts
  • Instructions: Use the space bar to shoot water, making sure you hit the puffles and not the penguins. Also use the down button to duck when objects are thrown at you!
  • Recommendation for tickets: Medium

Puffle Paddle:

  • Location: Forest
  • Instructions: The famous Puffle Paddle! Use your paddle to make sure that your puffle does not fall, but be aware that it gets more tricky as you will have to balance puffles simultaneously to get the most tickets!
  • Recommendation for tickets: High


  • Location: Cove
  • Instructions: Try and blast O’Berries into as many puffle’s mouths as possible, but be aware that it will get harder as the game goes along!
  • Recommendation for tickets: High


View Rockhopper tracker here

Rockhopper is definitely going to be visiting for The Fair, and Rookie could be too. In regards to his background, many have been wondering if his previous Fair background.

The team have said that his background returning will depend solely on user feedback. It could be a new background!

Random Other Things

Just wanted to note two more things. Firstly, there’s some new emotes, including a clown emote! Secondly, from the Games Room accessible from the Snow Forts, you can access the Bumper Cars room.

This is new to this year’s Fair, unlike the Great Puffle Circus, and has a lot of cool animations!

I hope that this guide helped, definitely be sure to explore The Fair as there’s so many amazingly decorated rooms!

Thank you very much for reading, be sure to check back for more of the latest Club Penguin Rewritten news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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