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CP Rewritten: Pufflescape to be Released Tomorrow

Some very exciting news has just been released, and it’s completely unexpected! Pufflescape, the mini-game in which you explore caves with a puffle, is due to be released tomorrow!

For those unaware how the game works, it is located at the Pet Shop, and the aim is to collect O’Berries to progress to the next level. It can be quite challenging, since you’ll need to create bridges by clicking, but it also offered a lot of coins.

Besides the coins, the game also has a variety of stamps! In fact, even though the game has not released yet, you can find the stamps for Pufflescape in your stamp book.

As I know many will be curious, I’ve included an image (from classic Club Penguin) on what to expect when all the stamps have been earned.

In many ways, this does seem completely random and an out-of-place announcement. But I think that’s one of the things which has made this so exciting. And trust me, Pufflescape does have some beautiful music too!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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