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CP Rewritten: 3rd Anniversary Video

As you may be aware, yesterday was Club Penguin Rewritten’s third anniversary! Earlier today, as part of the celebration, a video was released by the team commemorating some of the events on the island across the years.

It’s a really special recap of some of the island’s memories, containing a variety of screenshots and videos from community members depicting different events across the years.

As a reminder, the Anniversary Party ends later today, and don’t forget to use the THREEYEARS code either! Thank you for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Anonymous

    Torres! such a great video, but I was wondering if you might host more events yourself. you hosted one in 2018, in october but maybe you can do another? no pressure just wondering!


    • Torres 126

      Hi! I’ve been really busy recently, so there probably won’t be another one this month but I might try and host one again in the future! I think that I’ve done a few since October 2018 though, and they were good fun, so I’d like to do some again! 🙂

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