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CP Rewritten: Entering the Puffle Playzone as a Penguin

A very cool glitch has been discovered on Club Penguin Rewritten that allows you to enter the Puffle Playzone at the Ski Lodge as a penguin!

I should note that I’ve not added this to the actual guide, since I’m pretty sure it’ll be fixed soon. I just wanted to share it in case you were wondering on how this is possible.

The fun is over, this glitch has now been fixed!

  1. Enter the Puffle Playzone at the Ski Lodge
  2. Return to the Ski Lodge as a puffle
  3. Click your playercard and drag it to one side
  4. Line up your penguin (transformed as a puffle) so that it’s about to enter the door of the Playzone, and will waddle there with one click
  5. Click to enter the Playzone
  6. Whilst your puffle is bouncing into the Playzone, click the button on your playercard to transform back into a penguin before you enter the room
  7. You’ll now enter the room as a penguin!

I have a feeling that it might be fixed quite soon, so if this guide isn’t working, that’s probably why. But until then, that’s how everyone else is getting into the Puffle Playzone as a penguin!

Thank you for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126


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