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CP Rewritten: April Fools Party 2020 – Full Guide

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The April Fools Party is ongoing until April 2nd, and it’s potentially one of the most magnificent parties this year! This post will provide a guide to all the items and details for exploring the different dimensions and the island.

Rookie is visiting for this party with a new background, and you can find his tracker here.

Free Items on the Island

There’s a couple of free items in the dimensions, which we’ll come to later, but there’s also three items scattered across the island!

  • Purple Propeller Cap – located at the Ski Village
  • Box Shoes – located at the Dock
  • Swirly Glasses – located at the Cove

There is also one more item which can be obtained for free on the island. If you visit the Box Store, which is accessible from the Dock, you’ll be able to click a catalog icon in the bottom right of your screen.

This contains a variety of furniture, but if you click the “O” in “Store”, you’ll also be able to receive the Box Costume.

Box Dimension

The Box Dimension is the main area of action for this event! You can access it from the Snow Forts or an igloo, but beware: there’s lots of fake ones scattered throughout the island too! From there, you can explore several other dimensions.

Each dimension is marked with its own symbol. I would recommend exploring all of them (I love the Doodle Dimension and Epic Wave!) but for this post, I’ll only cover the ones with something significant in them.

Strange Dimension 🗿

This dimension is the fourth one on the right, and has 🗿 as its symbol. Upon entering this dimension, you can find a free Delivery Hat and Outfit at the bottom right of the room by clicking the locker there.

From there, you can just click both items to obtain them.

Cream Soda Dimension ⚔️

A bit more tricky, but this dimension (with the icon of a barrel) contains the Box Hat, but you’ll need to get across and stand on the platform next to the item.

Entering each barrel will take you to another location, but unfortunately, your spawn location seems to be random. Once you stand on the platform, the cage will rise. You’ll also receive the Path Finder and Party Puzzle stamps for this.

Candy Dimension 🍦

The last dimension with something significant in it, and one of my favourites! It has the symbol of an ice cream.

If you throw a snowball in this dimension, you’ll receive the Food Fight stamp.

These are the only dimensions with stamps or items to obtain, but there are so many other beautiful ones! The whole island is magnificently decorated, with some funny references, such as the ones older players might find at the Beach.


Rookie is confirmed to visit for this event, and he’s carrying a new Cream Soda Giveaway as his background! You can find his tracker here.

That concludes this guide, but I must stress my recommendation to explore the rest of the island; this is one of the beautiful events this year, and definitely my favourite! I’d also like to know that I’ll be hosting an event on Tuesday 31st March, and you can find the details to that here.

Thank you very much for reading, be sure to check back for more of the latest Club Penguin Rewritten news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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