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CP Rewritten: Further Clarification about the Impact of Resignations

I know that a lot of people have been worried after yesterday’s announcements confirming that two out of four administrators had resigned that there was a risk to Club Penguin Rewritten going. As a reminder, hagrid and Joee resigned, leaving both Thorn and stu in-charge.

I really hesitate about writing posts not related to in-game content, but I did want to reassure people that Club Penguin Rewritten is not closing despite the two resignations. Thorn did comment about it yesterday, confirming that the game would close if stu resigned.

“If Stu left, Club Penguin Rewritten would close; I wouldn’t want to run Club Penguin Rewritten alone (nor would I even be able to) or replace him. But as far as I know, [there are] no plans for that at the minute.”

-Thorn, Club Penguin Rewritten administrator

However, to stress, stu has not revealed any intention of resigning, and it remains my personal view that Disney’s intervention is more likely to provoke closure rather than the team’s willing choice.

Although I hesitate about posts related to these kinds of issues, I completely understand why people are concerned with the ongoing events so I will do my best to keep you updated.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • DarthmaulRC2

    Hello Torres
    My comment has nothing to do with this subject, but why did they remove the dot stamp in the stamp book for the game? I joined the game here and saw that it no longer has her stamp.


    • Torres 126

      Yep, that artwork was created by Cami. She’s been frustrated with how the game has been handled recently, and was recently banned from the game. As a result of the administration team refusing to apologise for their actions, she requested her art to be removed. A lot of community members, including myself, support her, forcing the administrators to eventually have removed it.

      • Torres 126

        I think her own words are better than mine for explaining this. 🙂

        Cutting ties wasn’t what made me want my art removed, I stepped back from the game for over a year with no issues over them using my art. I only started wanting it to be removed when they showed their corruption towards mods/deleted my account.

        • Anonymous

          Why havent the admins apologized?!? Causing a whole team of mods to leave was a blow for CPR was it not? Are they being ignorant or somthing?

          • Torres 126

            In regards to the Cami issue, your guess is as good as mine – she’s been a vocal critic of the administrators for several years but for very good reason. Full disclaimer though, I may be a bit biased on that since Cami is my friend, and the team haven’t released anything related to her specifically.

            In regards to the general situation, the answer is pretty much the same – no clue. I’ve been urging, privately and publicly, reform and an apology for several months. I wrote to the team in early April warning that they seemed to be picking a dangerous route of alienating their closest community who are passionate about to Club Penguin in favour of people who don’t share that affection. I suspect that not apologising just re-enforces this path they have selected, or it’s just to do with pride.

  • Shamus The Brute

    What is the basis behind the reasoning, if any, as to why CP Rewritten has not yet tried to approach Disney for permission to use CP intellectual property? Given CP private servers, as a whole, are completely under the watchful eye now by Disney can you comment or discuss (at some point) the why not behind such logic and/or proactive approach?

    • Torres 126

      In all honesty, I think it’s just because the idea of Disney agreeing to allow a private server to profit from – or even just use – their assets is just extremely unlikely.

  • Shamus The Brute

    I understand. If CP Rewritten itself though is non-profit, and too closely emulates and incorporates Disney values
    (as ‘many, many’ people explain to me is fool-proof), by approaching Disney proactively such assumption is completely eliminated and fans no longer have to play with a sense of fear that now plagues CP Rewritten players. If I can share anything from my own perspective it is my own personal belief that a private server should value the player over the game itself to protect the player from further disappointment (given Disney’s legacy of shuttering hugely popular games and virtual worlds). In CP Rewritten’s case, what would they have to further lose? That is my point 🙂

    Thank you.

    • Torres 126

      I don’t think the team would continue running the game unless they could profit from it, and they’re already doing a pretty miserable job at emulating Disney’s values. I agree that they don’t have much to lose, but in reality, I sadly don’t see that idea working. I’m sure Disney is sympathetic to players, but not to the extent where they’d consider bringing back Club Penguin anytime soon, and that’s likely the only thing they’d be willing do.

    • Torres 126

      Sorry, I should be clear: Dot will visit in the future, it’s just that the artwork used by Cami has (rightfully) been removed. Eventually, Dot will get a new stamp though, it just won’t use Cami’s artwork. There’s some Dot artwork from classic Club Penguin and the team have another artist – Lovebacon56 – which gives them some options.

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