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CP Rewritten: Lady’s Gown Hinted to Come Soon

The Lady’s Gown, an item from 2009 on classic Club Penguin, has been hinted to come to the game soon in an upcoming catalog! It’s rather a medieval-themed dress, and is depicted on the penguin below. As a reminder, the new Penguin Style is to be released on July 2nd.

“Keep an eye on the catalog, I think you’ll like this one.”

-Club Penguin Rewritten team in response to someone requesting this item to be available

This speculation has emerged as a result of the team saying the quote above in response to someone expressing their hope that the item will be added, so it seems like a pretty promising hint that the Lady’s Gown is probably going to be available soon.

Of course, this isn’t necessarily confirmation, but I did want to allow people to make their own judgement on the above statement! Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126

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