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CP Rewritten: 4th Anniversary Party Guide

The 4th Anniversary Party has now begun on Club Penguin Rewritten until February 14th, and this post will provide a guide to the event! Aunt Arctic is going to be visiting for this event, and her tracker can be found here.

This event usually is focused in the Coffee Shop, and this year is no different! In this room, you can find the main decorations, including the cake. The colour theme for this year is a pastel pink and purple

In order to get the 4th Anniversary Party Hat, you need to click the box at the bottom right of the room! Upon doing so, you can click “Yes” on the dialogue which appears to receive the item. This item won’t return, so be sure to pick it up while you can!

The Iceberg has also been tipped for the event! Unlike usual, it’s intentional that the Iceberg will be immediately tipped without needing to drill on it, however you can still find the Iceberg Tipper item in the box at the top of the room.

Just two final quick points from me about some common questions. Firstly, Aunt Arctic will be visiting, and you will be able to obtain her stamp even though Stamp Books haven’t been implemented yet! Secondly, to clarify, this is an event for Club Penguin Rewritten’s anniversary, as opposed to classic Club Penguin’s anniversary which is in October.

I think that concludes this guide, but I’ll let you know if anything else is revealed! I hope that this helped, thank you for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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