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CP Rewritten: Rockhopper to have New Background this Party

View Rockhopper tracker here

Just a quick news story for those asking about it! In case you aren’t aware, Rockhopper is visiting for the Submarine Party, but it’s now also been confirmed that you’ll be able to obtain a new background by meeting him during this event. There’s not been any meet-up times confirmed yet, though some will be in the future.

In order to help with that, the queue feature has been re-implemented and you can view an accurate count regarding the number of penguins who need to log off until you can join the server.

Good luck meeting Rockhopper, and hopefully the tracker should help in doing so!

-Torres 126


  • AgentFrog

    Hi Torres!

    I was just wondering if there’s any chance that I could help out with mascot tracking?
    I’ve used your mascot trackers since April 2020 and just thought that I’d love to help out if I could?

    I’m not sure if they might be automatic instead of manual now but I thought it was worth asking 🙂

  • SpiderPeep

    Not trying to be rude or anything but….do u ever change ur look or do u always have the helmet, skirt and flower necklace thing? Do u ever change ur appearance or anything?!?! its just cuz thats all i see u wear and i curious!

      • SpiderPeep #1 CPM FAN!!!!

        oh! I was just wondering cuz u get all the items and like for mascot trackers u always wear the same thing where u show what the background looks like with a penguin. Just cuz i feel like it imma say how i found this website cuz why not? So other penguins were talking about mascot trackers and so I searched up club penguin rewritten mascot trackers and found “Club Penguin Mountains – Your #1 source for Club Penguin Rewritten, with news, guides, cheats, mascot trackers & more!” And i pressed it and found CPM (club penguin mountains) and after i used the tracker once, i started using the site for more than just the trackers! Thanks for the trackers torres, they really r helpful and work pretty well! Thanks again for all ur super hard work!

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