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CP Rewritten: Froggy Chair – Final Design

I’m sure that many people are looking forward to the post containing the secrets for the upcoming Furniture Catalog, but it hasn’t been released quite yet! That being said, the team have released a final sneak peek of the item which led to the catalog taking some more time to release: the “Froggy Chair”.

The image above shows how the item will look once it’s placed in your igloo! If you’re looking for other artwork related to this item, you can find it in this post. Hopefully the catalog will be released soon though!

Thank you very much for reading, be sure to check back for more of the latest Club Penguin Rewritten news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Anonymous

    Hi Torres 126 (love ur blog btw)! I know this is like suuuuuper unrelated, but I was looking back on some of the older posts since I only joined around March of last year. Just curious, are you able to go back and edit posts (even older ones)? Also, your blog posts have gotten really good (wow, sorry I’m not good at phrasing things…. basically, I think you do some amazing work)! Stay safe!

  • timberwoofyt

    also Torres 126 was there any other tracker not including ones form original club penguin so example Gary or rookie trackers

  • Anonymous

    TOrres, Feb is almost over still NO change in furniture and igloos. How is this possible ? SO many sneak peeks but no release.ARGGGHHH.How much more time ??????????

  • Anonymous

    Hi.I have been reading 4 a long time,since 2018 ! So I was looking back today,seeing ur blogs and stuff,and I was wondering, All of these new items,backgrounds and stuff,do you have ALL of those ? You started in 2010 or something right ? So you must have a lot of items.So how do you do things ? People will always be with you when you log on,so how do you react and stuff? Do you play all the games in CPR ? Please do answer,thank you.

    • Torres 126

      Hi – thank you for reading for so long! It’s worth noting that I started playing classic Club Penguin in 2010, and Club Penguin Rewritten only opened in 2017 (though I signed up the day it opened). All of the posts containing images from my account, such as the mascot backgrounds, have been legitimately obtained. Whenever I log on, I always try to make time for people if they say hi! I don’t really play mini-games much on Club Penguin Rewritten anymore though. I hope that answers, but let me know if not. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Oh ! How did you know about the game in the first place? I had my friends telling me,but on the day it opened ?! Also,especially in the mascot visits,if all the players are crowding is it not hard to find the mascot ? Or do you use players in room ? No mini-games ? Why not ? So just last question,were do you get coins from to buy items then ? Thank you so much in advance , you are the best.

        • Torres 126

          I can’t really remember how I heard about the game to begin with, I assume that it was because of social media since the Twitter community was more active back then! It can be hard to find a mascot in a crowded room, so the “Players in Room” feature is helpful in those cases. In many other cases, I’ve been fortunate enough to be in the room with a mascot before it becomes crowded. As for obtaining coins, I don’t really buy many items anymore, and I think most of my expenditure tends to be on sending postcards to people who ask for them. I still have a lot of coins from redeeming codes, and from playing Level 14 of Pufflescape before the HTML5 transition! In other words, I basically just used my own tips for earning coins:

    • Torres 126

      It’s very difficult to add any of the Club Penguin Rewritten items since their IDs can’t easily be obtained in the same way! I don’t think that would therefore be possible though, I’m afraid.

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