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Journey to the Prehistoric

Happy May! As usual for the first Monday of the month, I wanted to share a Club Penguin tune with you. Given that the Prehistoric Party is set to occur this month, the one which I’ve selected is Journey to the Prehistoric. Although it feels slightly prehistoric, it also has an adventurous feel associated more heavily with the Medieval Party, so I thought it’d be a fun one to share!

When it first occurred, the Prehistoric Party was exciting and took a lot of people by surprise! Even though the prehistoric had been explored in some previous Stage plays, it was the first time that there was such a comprehensive plot for a party that involved time-travel.

Jungle at the Prehistoric Party

It’ll be interesting to see if this tune appears at the Prehistoric Party on Club Penguin Rewritten later this month, but I hope that you like it! Thank you very much for reading.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

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