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CP Rewritten: Uncertainty of Island Adventure Party’s Status

For a little while, there’s been some confusion as to whether the Island Adventure Party will still be taking place this year. It was announced two months ago, but the original plan was for it to occur in August. This is problematic because the Music Jam has been delayed quite significantly, meaning the event schedule has been heavily disrupted.

Unfortunately, it seems that the team aren’t willing to reveal what the plans are for this event yet. When asked to explicitly confirm that the event would be going ahead, the team chose to neither confirm nor deny, but did state that more information would be revealed “soon”.

More news will be shared soon on how we will be doing with parties to keep up with The Fair.

-stu, Club Penguin Rewritten administrator

Interestingly though, they did confirm the themes for the upcoming Penguin Style. Generally with events such as the Island Adventure Party, there’s an expectation for clothing themed around pirates, explorers, and other characters associated with that event. However, it seems that the catalog will only contain “casual clothing”, potentially reflecting the uncertainty of the Island Adventure Party’s status.

August Penguin Style will have casual clothing. September one will have Fair clothing.

-stu, Club Penguin Rewritten administrator

As soon as some more definitive information is revealed, I’ll be sure to let you know! However, I recognise that this has been a common question lately so I hope this provides a little more insight in regards to the team’s plans.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Vincent

    JUST CANCEL MUSIC JAM! I swear if the adventure party gets cancelled because of it, I will refuse to ever log in when a Music Jam comes out ever again even on other CPPS’s!!

  • Zoom Zoom103

    The community literally voted for the Island Adventure Party to happen. If they cancel it in favor of other events (that have 50/50 chance of happening at this point also) it’ll just prove Stu doesn’t care about the community

  • Anonymous

    Just don’t plan as many parties as normal
    I feel like the majority of the people would like quality and punctuality more than quantity and delays

    • Anonymous

      I feel like they should stop doing parties completely until they get puffles and cardjitsu finished. Also they need to bring back the EPF phone and the actual agent system to bring you in there. The PSA also needs to come back in along with the spy phone. They are really unorganized as I’ve done quite a few lines of typing about missing features. Sled races and other minigames are either not converted to html5 but they released them anyway, or not released yet. They’ve posted all these leaks about puffles and cardjitsu over the months it’s actually unbelievable they haven’t been released. I only log in every day to keep my streak on Rockhopper’s daily treasure. They might want to hire some more developers to hurry it up because I feel bad for all this pressure on Gravix and him being the only Dev to make the parties and all that. Okay sorry for that rant I just needed this off my chest šŸ˜‚

  • Anonymous

    I feel like they don’t care about the game anymore at all, just running with the ad money honestly. i feel like such a sucker with the constant delays

  • lemondropxx

    Tbh I feel a little bad. Half of me understands that its still Covid and it really has been tough. But on the other hand, Im quite sick of the cpr team making promises but not fully fufilling them. If they are overloading their plate, they should just come out and say it.

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