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CP Rewritten: Island Adventure Party Indefinitely Postponed

The Island Adventure Party, initially scheduled to occur this month, has been indefinitely postponed, with no indication that it will even take place this year. However, the team did state that they planned to return the party eventually, including with “a new look and the beloved barrel mini-game”, in which barrels would be hidden across the island.

The reason is largely as a result of the delays to the Music Jam, which was originally meant to occur last month. The team have decided it would be better to proceed with holding The Fair next month, as internal analytical data indicated that it was more popular within the community. Consequently, in order to prioritise development on that, the team concluded it wasn’t feasible to also hold the Island Adventure Party now.

I understand these sorts of announcements regarding events can be disappointing, but I hope that the clarity regarding the event not occurring this month will help.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

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