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CP Rewritten: Igloo Upgrades Secrets – August 2021

A new edition of the Igloo Upgrades catalog has been released! This page will cover the new secrets, but it’s worth noting that the Soccer Pitch Night Location is still hidden – you can find all the secrets here.

Page one contains the Sand Floor, Dirt & Leaves, Whirlpool and Bamboo Floor. These are all types of flooring.

Page one contains more flooring, which are the Pink Carpet, Linoleum, and once again, the Bamboo Floor.

Thank you very much for reading, be sure to check back for more of the latest Club Penguin Rewritten news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Trevchris007

    Bro, can you help clarify something? I never buy flooring because I’m under the impression that as soon as you do, it gets instantly placed in your igloo and you can’t move it around or fine-tune it. (Sometimes the flooring looks off.) And then if you want different flooring, the new flooring will automatically replace the old flooring. That’s fine, I guess, but I also get the impression that flooring is NOT stored in inventory. Is that right? In other words, if I buy Floor A, then Floor B, I will have to rebuy Floor A if I want it back.

    Am I at all accurate? Or is that “carpet” icon for flooring?


  • Anonymous

    Do you know if there will be new codes for money so we can buy the new furniture etc? I know there’s sometimes codes released but most have expired and I’m BROKE lol

  • Anonymous

    I saw someone with a pink igloo with stairs to a…sort of upper floor? (Only two steps.) That was my igloo on the original Club Penguin website and I’d love to get that back so I can get my theme going again. But how? Is it hidden, limited time only, or seasonal?

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