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Club Penguin Rewritten: The Fair 2021 – Full Guide

The Fair has begun on Club Penguin Rewritten, bringing a whole new variety of prizes and rooms to the island, along with a lovely nighttime sky! This post will offer a complete guide to everything at the party, from the mini-games to the rooms.

Rookie is visiting for this event, and you can view his tracker here!

Free Items

If you’ve attended The Fair in previous years, you might already have some of these, but there’s a range of items which are now available!

  • Blue Propeller Hat: located in a box at the bottom of the Town
  • Box Outfit: located at the Wacky House – in order to access this room, follow the path at the top of the Snow Forts
  • Step Right Up Background: position yourself on the stool at the Ski Village, then click the camera


Similar to last year, the Games Room has returned. From here, you can access a whole variety of new rooms, and this entrance can be found at the Dock.

In the Games Room, you can access several Fair events (see more later in the guide) along with the Wagon Wheel and the Space FunZone. The Wagon Wheel can be entered from the left, and the Space FunZone from the right.

The Wagon Wheel is an extremely beautiful room where you can see the island from above, with a pretty skyline too! The areas zoom in, and I’d highly recommend checking it out.

The Space FunZone has four different rooms; when you enter the first room, you’re able to enter the Blast-off Bistro and the Dance-Dome, which are both indoor rooms. However, the Space Squid is also accessible from here, which is effectively a room transformed into a rollercoaster.

The other new party room is the Whacky House accessible by following the path at the top of the Snow Forts. This is actually a room from the April Fools Party, so it still has some unique animations – your penguin will transform into something huge inside the tube located here!

Prize Booths

Tickets can be earned in mini-games to achieve prizes! For this year, there is a single prize booth located at the Forest. However, the team are planning to release a second set of prizes in the near future, which will probably happen in around a week.

Spin to Win

This can be found in the Games Room accessible from the Dock. In order to “spin to win”, you’ll need to collect a golden ticket. You can earn one by playing Fair games, and one should drop around every so often, but you should also get one when first logging in each day. You can also use 5000 regular tickets to obtain a golden ticket.

Each spin offers the chance to get a mystery prize! These won’t change, but it’s possible that more could be added in the future. Here are all the mystery prizes which you can obtain:

  • Strawberry Basket
  • Oversized Hat
  • Boiler Costume
  • Coffee Costume
  • Penguin Plushie
  • Pinwheel

Other Games

Memory Card Game:

  • Location: Forest
  • Instructions: Find matching pairs in the fewest number of tries to earn the most tickets!
  • Recommendation for tickets: High

Puffle Paddle:

  • Location: Forest
  • Instructions: Use your paddle to make sure that your puffle does not fall, but be aware that it gets more tricky as you will have to balance multiple puffles simultaneously to get the most tickets!
  • Recommendation for tickets: High

Ring the Bell:

  • Location: Games Room via Dock
  • Instructions: When the hammer is in the centre, click your mouse and hold it until it is as green as it can get!
  • Recommendation for tickets: High (Max: 25 – however you can get many in just a few seconds)

Puffle Shuffle:

  • Location: Games Room via Dock
  • Instructions: Puffles will float around under a hat, and you need to watch which one moves underneath which hat! I would advise following one hat with your mouse cursor, and another with your eyes – that way, you should be able to keep track of any changes.
  • Recommendation for tickets: Medium

I hope that this guide helped, definitely be sure to explore The Fair as there’s so many amazingly decorated rooms! Thank you very much for reading, be sure to check back for more of the latest Club Penguin Rewritten news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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