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CP Rewritten: Rookie Begins Visiting for The Fair

View Rookie tracker here

Rookie has begun visiting for this year’s Fair on Club Penguin Rewritten, making his first visit a couple of hours ago on the server Marshmallow. He’ll still be making plenty more visits throughout the event, but for those wondering, he’s offering his Whacky Giveaway.

This is the same background which he offered for The Fair last year, and it’s the one which depicts the Wagon Wheel.

If you haven’t been able to meet Rookie yet, don’t worry as he’ll be making plenty more visits! I’d recommend checking the Rookie Tracker for the best chance of being able to catch him.

Good luck!

-Torres 126


  • Trevchris007

    Did the team ever announce when The Fair will end? It will extend beyond Monday, right? I miss the days when we knew when a party started and ended. Even if start dates are hard to pinpoint, once the party starts, it wouldn’t hurt to give us an idea when the party will end.

    Also, as far as you know, no more prizes will be added, right?

    If you have any intel, please let me know.


    • Torres 126

      The team hasn’t announced when The Fair will end, no. I imagine that it’l still last at least several days, especially since Rookie has only started visiting. But I’m fairly confident no new prizes will be added.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my god i just checked mountains to see if it had been updated and i saw the rookie tracker live!
    I got in the server and accidentally went into the room where rookie was
    This is the first time i met a mascot the first time they arrived

  • Anonymous

    Ever since v1.7.34-beta happened, my club penguin screen flashes dark at regular intervals, and it is most annoying. Any idea what could be causing it and when it’s likely to go away?

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