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CP Rewritten: Pirate Crabs Sail Closer

If you look from the telescope from the top of the Beacon, you’ll notice that the pirate crabs are sailing closer to the island on Club Penguin Rewritten! It now seems almost certain that the island is their intended destination, even if their motive is unclear.

Interestingly, the Migrator is still docked on the island, and the crabs appear to have their separate ship. It’s not known whether Rockhopper will still be visiting over the next few days, despite his ship being docked, but it certainly seems the Captain might have some trouble soon!

It’s quite likely that these crabs will be linked to January’s event, but the specifics aren’t known yet! As soon as more details are confirmed, I’ll be sure to let you know! Thank you very much for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Trevchris007

    This write up was particularly good. GG

    I am glad TH is still here. It is one of my favorites.

    I wonder if the storyline will have the crabs crashing into the migrator.

  • Anonymous

    Hey torres, I’ve been a bit inactive since november end on cpr so what all important updates and parties have there been? (I’m too lazy to read through all the blog posts)

    • Torres 126

      Hi! Other than these crabs, the main event has been the Holiday Party and all the usual festive occasions, such as the Advent Calendar. I’m afraid that has all wrapped up now, but the Holiday Party this year was quite unique, with both trains and cookie transformations being present at it!

      • Anonymous

        Ok a little late to the reply, I’ve been very busy with examinations, and i just saw puffles will be back?! That’s awesome and worth sticking around for. Also, i don’t particularly care about the exclusive items and stuff, i just like playing the games.

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