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CP Rewritten: Pirate Party – Shellbeard Meet-up Times

Some scheduled meet-up times have been released by the Club Penguin Rewritten team, which are essentially times when Shellbeard is guaranteed to visit the island, alongside his spontaneous appearances. You can find these all on the tracker, where there’s also a little countdown clock until when the visit will be!

Similar to previous meet-up times, the only reason why I’ve decided not to include them here too is because the list of scheduled visits on the tracker will automatically be updated when it has passed, which means that you’ll only see the upcoming ones there!

It’s also worth noting that you can still use the Shellbeard Tracker for these visits, alongside for details about his spontaneous visits where it might be easier to catch him, especially since he’s a new mascot and there’ll be much anticipation for his scheduled meet-ups.

There are seven confirmed scheduled visits for Shellbeard, alongside his spontaneous ones, so there’s plenty of chances to meet him if you haven’t done so already! Good luck!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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