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City of London Police Issue Statement on Club Penguin Rewritten Shutdown

A statement has been given to Club Penguin Mountains by the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit at the City of London Police, and it reads as follows:

Following a complaint under copyright law, PIPCU have seized a gaming website as part of an ongoing investigation into the site.

Three people were arrested on April 12 on suspicion of distributing materials infringing copyright and searches were carried out.

They have been released under investigation and to aid with the police investigation, they agreed to sign over the website to the control of PIPCU.

-Detective Constable Daryl Fryatt, from the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) at City of London Police

It confirms that three individuals were arrested yesterday, and that Club Penguin Rewritten remains under investigation by the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit.


  • Anonymous

    Well, I guess that’s it for Club Penguin Rewritten and probably Club Penguin in general. Guess it’s a sign to move on to other things. I had fun while it lasted, and I was glad to have been able to experience Club Penguin even though I never got to play the OG. Thanks for everything, Torres.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been crying for the last hour… and I know I should prepare myself but I still have hope. πŸ™ πŸ§πŸ’™

    • Torres 126

      The honest truth is that I don’t know. There’s still a few things I’d like to say and do, such as distributing some of the remaining Club Penguin merchandise which I have and writing a proper “Waddle on” post, but I’m still not sure.

      • Blue0331

        If you do end up abandoning this site, I’d love to be able to stay in contact with you through Instagram or something like that… in fact, I think many other penguins here would love to as well! You’ve done so much for us and we want to continue to support you.

        • Torres 126

          Thank you for all your kind words. πŸ™‚ I don’t have much social media beyond my CP Twitter accounts, but I’m sure there’ll be a way to stay in touch – I imagine that I’ll always have notifications on for comments here, for example!

          • Blue0331

            Thank you so much for your response. I see… Hmm. I’m an Instagram gal myself. πŸ˜… Maybe if we created a forum for CPR?

            • Torres 126

              I actually haven’t ruled out the forum idea yet! It was an idea which I floated back when Club Penguin Rewritten originally closed in 2018, but I’m not sure how feasible it would be.

  • Cantloginops1

    oh my god. i literally still cannot comprehend that this is happening and is real even though ive been there when it ended. It just happened all too fast. It didn’t even have a proper end-off. It was by surprise and that’s what makes it worse. Thanks CPR for all the memories ive made and waddle on. Thank you for making the blog. ❀️❀️❀️❀️

  • Anonymous

    This game has helped me in so many ways. It’s helped me to escape, helped me with my anxiety and depression. Now it’s gone. And I’m crying. Shaking. In a lot of distress. Also a bit scared because of how surreal it is. I’m barely coping. I hope theirs a very small light at the tunnel and cpr returns. I’ve never felt this distressed before. It’s gonna be a tough night. I’ll probably cry in my sleep. I can’t cope. My anxiety makes it all worse πŸ’•πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜”

    • Torres 126

      Hey, I’m really sorry to hear that and I hope that you’ll get through everything okay. Club Penguin really made such a difference for so many people, and I totally understand that losing it so suddenly is really painful, and I can’t imagine that it’s any easier with anxiety. I remember when the game first closed down in 2018, and although it came back a few weeks later, nobody knew it would at the time and it was really numbing. Your distress will subside and it will get easier, I assure you, but please take care until then. πŸ’œ

      • Anonymous

        I think Disney is going to bring back OG club penguin but idk. I feel so sad I just only have one stripe on my membership icon. Thank you for the memories

        • Blue0331

          I’m not too sure tbh… why would Disney bring back Club Penguin? They have newer franchises to profit off of like Turning Red, Encanto, and Luca… sadly, the days of Disney’s MMORPG’s (Toontown, Pixie Hollow, Club Penguin, etc.) are long gone.

          • Anonymous

            And even if they did somehow decide to revive it, who is to say they just wouldn’t run it straight into the ground again like they did with the OG and Island? I can only imagine how many more obnoxious ways Disney would try to monetize it.

    • S

      God everything about this is so upsetting. I really hope the devs will end up alright because I cannot imagine the kind of fear, stress, and sadness they are under right now. Everyone is mourning.

  • anon

    my heart hurts πŸ™ i hope it can come back somehow or we can find a replacement, i’m not ready to let go πŸ™

  • Leo4580

    I always thought some day Disney would do this, Disney works this way, no doubt why everyone knows that Disney lobbies for more and more copyright. So, Torres, thanks a bunch for everything, and Waddle On … or the portuguese version (I’m brasilian): Penguinando!

      • Fifi30658

        I doubt it will come back after how traumatic this seems to have been for the devs, an arrest? Really? Were such measures really needed? This sucks, I hope it can come back but this is beyond upsetting, I have been in the community since the very beginning and it hurts that it got ripped out of my life out of nowhere.
        Wishing you the best.

        • Torres 126

          The arrest aspect to this really surprised me too. Wishing you the best too – totally understand that it’s not easy being around for so long and seeing it shut down so suddenly.

        • Anonymous

          OMG, I’m very shocked!
          I really hope CPR keep on going, growing and being this amazing penguin game that owns our hearts.
          Be strong, everyone.
          If Club Penguin ends, we are still so lucky to live in this era and to have the opportunity to play it!
          I hope everyone is okay and CPR returns!!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Torres 126 I hope you do not get caught by the police. I miss club penguin i am friends with gravix and moo and tint. Love you all

  • Sara Jean

    Do you know if anyone will try to find a way to help online friends from club penguin rewritten reconnect with each other? I have a friend who I only ever was able to interact with on there, and now that the site is gone, I have no way of contacting him anymore. We have been friends for quite some time now and I have no idea how I would ever be able to contact him again. πŸ™ (his username is Mocha Chai)

    • Torres 126

      I’m afraid that I can’t really think of any way to help people connect again – even the game’s official Discord server has had its channels removed. I’m really sorry, but I hope you’re able to reach out to him soon.

  • whomansthisb

    October 2017 – March 2022. Found CPR then and I’ve followed your blog since 2017 and continued to check it either daily or every few days for new info on CPR. Thanks for your time and effort all these years and being the most reputable blog with up to date info on CPR. Wish the best for you Torres. Waddle On.

  • ulasgazi09

    Other than the game, I’m worried about you, Torres. Your blog was built around this game. After Club Penguin Online shut down, Rewritten was your only material for this blog, and now it’s gone too! What are you gonna do now, Torres? Keep posting, or just gonna abandon this blog?

    • Torres 126

      I’ll be honest, I’m just not entirely sure yet! I don’t think that I’ll be moving to another server, so the blog being abandoned is quite likely – but I will make a proper post after a few days about what’s happening.

    • Torres 126

      That’s what many people are assuming, but I can’t confirm that (and even if I could, it technically wouldn’t be lawful for me to name them since they’ve not been charged).

  • Spork737

    I feel the one song that really captures the thoughts of the CPR team right now is “It’s Just A Burning Memory”.
    I’m sorry, Torres. I know how much the blog meant to you, but now there’s no game to blog about.
    I know RocketSnail made Box Critters, but playing that feels more like losing a dog and making a finger puppet in it’s likeness.
    My poor penguin. I never played the OG CP games, but putting my penguin in the virtual graveyard hurts. Goodbye, Spork737. There was nothing you could do.

    • Torres 126

      The song which I’ve been listening to, perhaps aptly for this month, is “Sometimes it Snows in April”. There’s a lyric in there that I like: “But all good things, they say, never last. And love, it isn’t love until it’s past”.

      It’s been an incredible journey which I’ve been privileged to been on. Thank you for reading. πŸ’œ

  • gilhermeg

    After destroying original CP to make more money, now they are ruining everyone’s enjoyment by dismantlying all this clones. This is stupid, and I am never watching a movie from them ever again. I am truly disgussed.

    • Anonymous

      I haven’t really touched anything Disney for several years now. I recommend you read into how they ruined the Public Domain by corrupting our Copyright laws. The company lost its magic long ago.

  • Kerry

    This actually hurts so much. I created my account in late 2017, and not even getting a chance to go on before they shut down makes me so sad.

    • Torres 126

      I totally understand – the suddenness of this shutdown really is painful.

      (Ps. Please forgive me for editing your comment a bit to remove the reference to another private server – at the moment, I’m just a bit hesitant about people going to a server with something like poor security!)

      • Kerry

        Oh no that’s fine, I didn’t really think of that to be honest. I heard of it from a friend because CP was such a big part of my childhood and I thought other people would enjoy playing still but I totally get where you’re coming from. This shutdown just hurts because the community was so big.

  • Tyler Kweskin

    That is so sad, I hope this doesn’t mean a total end to all things club penguin. I have been following you and CPR since around the medieval party in 2019 & can’t wait to see how this story unfolds :\ thank you so much for the memories over the past few years.

  • Kit

    Bruh Idc if I get in trouble for this, but Disney wasn’t doing anything with the original CP, so why are they mad? Torres I’m worried about you and your blog, please stay safe

  • Anonymous

    This is just bewildering and sad that a massive community and innovative coding has to go to waste. I’m hoping for the best if any court case ensues from these developments.

  • Anonymous

    This is extremely sad. I’ve been playing CPR since 2017 and I remember the past scares of shut-down, but this time things are much, much more serious, and sadly I don’t think that we’ll be seeing CPR again any time soon, or ever. It sucks how sudden this was too.
    I understand that ads were being ran on CPR, which technically did mean that the Admins were making a profit, but it was out of necessity to keep the website running. However I have a feeling that this might be one of the core reasons as to why the situation has escalated to what it is.
    Copyright law continues to be extremely cruel. Disney themselves willingly killed off Club Penguin, and I highly doubt that they are going to do anything with the IP after the disaster of Island, and the clear fact that they do not care about the brand whatsoever. CPR wasn’t causing any sort of harm to the brand, and certainly not Disney’s profits.

    I hope that somehow CPR manages to come back from this, but given the severity of the situation and the ad profits, I’m really not optimistic this time.
    I’ve looked into other alternatives, but either they’re not trustworthy, very incomplete, or they focus too much on the “modern” side of Club Penguin, which is partly what made me lose interest in it to begin with. I loved CPR because it was as faithful as you could get to classic Club Penguin, and I loved how close and tight-knit the community was, and how communitive the Admins were. It was extremely fun and nostalgic to replay the game again, it felt like it never left.

    My heart goes out to the devs, thank you for keeping such a wonderful game alive and archived for as long as it was, you can tell that everyone involved had true passion to keep Club Penguin alive and preserved.
    And thank you for your work on the website, Torres, it’s been such a useful resource during my time playing CPR, and has been a really nice addition to the community.

    • Torres 126

      I fully understand what you mean – after all the scares before, it’s only now really sinking in that this one is final. I totally agree with you about copyright law – I think Lane Merrifield (original Club Penguin co-owner) summed it up best last night:

      They still don’t understand that controlling IP at the expense of the community will devalue it, not preserve it. It’s their prerogative, but it’s still disappointing.

      I agree that no community will ever compare. Thank you for always reading, and I wish you all the best. πŸ™‚

  • Kea10

    Joined CPR in September of 2017, put hundreds of hours into Stamp Collecting, Saving Coins, Mascot Meetups, Party Launches, and most recently Card Jitsu. Devastated to hear about the DMCA Takedown, though it was inevitable. Thanks to CPMountains and the CPR Team for keeping this game alive, take care all.

  • Anonymous

    I made a comment a hour ago on here but August deleted the tweet stating if stu will use the club penguin rewritten code for his new project

    • Torres 126

      If I’m honest, I don’t think August Renders is fully speaking on behalf of the team at the moment – they seem much more hesitant about projects relating to CPR. Definitely possible they make their own game once this all passes though.

  • Anonymous

    wow… i never thought that this day would come. i was looking forward to hollywood party and this happens? i’m literally crying right now. gosh disney… they just had to do this πŸ™ thanks torres for everything. waddle on.

  • Blue0331

    No matter what happens… Club Penguin will always be in my heart– the OG one and the multiple “rewritten” ones (especially this one). πŸ™

  • Ryan

    Terrible news. CPR meant so much to me. My niece’s dad works nights, so I had to constantly drive across take care of my niece. When COVID hit, Club Penguin Rewritten was one of the only ways I could interact with her due to quarantine. I spent so much time on the original Club Penguin, so I found rewritten while searching for something we could do together remotely. We wound up spending a ton of hours on there. I called her last night trying to tell her and the first thing she said was “Want to play Club Penguin?”

    What makes it so frustrating too is that Disney isn’t even doing anything with this IP. They’re just sitting on the rights. It’s not like this was cutting into their business, because they decided to cut Club Penguin out of their portfolio years ago. Maybe they’re planning to revive it. If so, I’d expect a lot of microtransactions and other predatory business practices.

    Thanks to everyone who made CPR possible and for all the work you’ve done here at Club Penguin Mountains. It really helped get me through a tough time, and I can tell from these comments that is the case for others as well.

  • Jetranger

    It was March 29, 2017, my last day of club penguin. I was 1% empty in my heart. Later that year in November, I was introduced to cp island. A few months later, It shut down. I was then introduced to cp rewritten. It’s now been 4 years. After hearing this announcement a realizing, history repeats itself, and there’s no mistake. I’m sorry to say this for the third time my penguin friends but, Waddle On.


  • Anonymous

    To be honest it was not really Disney’s fault. When CPR was created CPR promised Disney that they wont make money and Disney said ok. But then CPR made the ads and broke the promise. So that’s why it was shut down

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had my penguin since 2007 and it has been an honor to be apart of this uplifting community. It really is the little things in life and CPR was a place for many to escape because of the fun friendly amazing community. This hurts.

  • XxRAGExX

    Hey Torres. I just want to say it was fun while it lasted. You really made it great so I could find out if mascots were online, helped me learn about the current party and you hosted fun giveaways and puzzles. You truly made our experience 10 times better, I hope life carrys you to an amazing new blog post which im sure people will love the way you get along with the community. Thank you Torres you are a truly awesome person <3 . I remember when i friended you and you were super nice. Instead of ignoring me you acknowledged me and made small talk. Torres, you are exquisite.

  • ImTomat

    Disney has gone way to far, It would seem a tiny bit more reasonable when club penguin pay to play edition gets its rerelease but even so disney had shut down the original websites and uploaded an absolute ripoff. These people only tried to recreate the website so that people could re-experience the wonder of playing the og club penguin.

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