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CP Rewritten: Team Statement on Disney Takedown Notice

Some really devastating but somewhat confusing news has just been announced by the team, so forgive the lack of detail provided at the moment. Just a couple of minutes ago, the team released this statement.

CPRewritten is shutting down effective immediately due to a full request by Disney. We have voluntarily given control over the website to the police for them to continue their copyright investigation.

-Thorn, Club Penguin Rewritten administrator

The impact of this is not properly known yet, and it’s unclear what immediate changes have been made to the website. I will keep you updated throughout the day as more is learnt, but this is obviously distressing news for our community.

Best wishes,

-Torres 126


  • mashthatmott

    First Disney messes up Johnny Depp‘s career and now club penguin rewritten?! It sounds like Disney has a few issues and they like to take away a lot of fun things- they’re making enough money as it is already with Disney+. Why do they have to shut you guys down?! You clearly have a copyright in order, as you DO say that you’re not affiliated with The original Disney club penguin. You did everything you guys were supposed to do. I think Disney is just trying to take away all the fun things they can, and for what reason would they shut you guys down if you say that you’re not affiliated with original Penguin that makes no sense. That’s kind of suspicious they shouldn’t be able to do this! You’re not affiliated with them and you already put that on the website and on the blog. I mean what more could they possibly want they’re rich as hell…it’s unfair and I say we fight for what IS fair! We fight for club penguin rewritten! The club penguin rewritten team has worked too hard to let it all go down the drain. The hard work you guys put in means something to us all. I’m on your side and I WILL sign, pay I will do whatever I have to do to make sure club penguin rewritten does NOT get shut down by awful greedy Disney. Maybe a good idea for
    the club penguin rewritten team would be making a petition on this website and have the penguins in the community sign it. Club penguin rewritten is DEFINITELY worth fighting for- as it is more than a game, it’s a work of art and should be cherished. I can understand why Disney would want to shut you guys down because it’s so similar to the original and stupid copyright reasons, but you ALREADY MADE THAT CLEAR- This is NOT the original club penguin and you aren’t affiliated with original Disney brand. Disney had theirs and they shut it down…but THIS is OURS! That includes the very talented team behind the masterpiece. It’s yours too. You guys are the hard-working artists behind the website not them! We all love this game and there are A LOT of people that play and you guys have been working real hard this! It isn’t fair! We NEED to fight for all the hard work you guys put into club penguin rewritten! You should put a link to a petition in this blog and get as many signatures as you can. If we could all sign it and put money towards preventing Disney from shutting down club penguin rewritten, I think they would make the Hollywood party even more celebratory! I would be the first signature Guaranteed in a heartbeat! You have my word CPR! My username is mashthatmott on CPR. #FightingForClubPenguinRewritten #boycottdisney

    • Torres 126

      I hear you and totally feel your frustration. I don’t think a petition will work sadly – Disney probably went after Club Penguin Rewritten partly because of how many users it has, so they know the community is large.

    • lumity

      Sorry bud but petition never works, especially on Disney. Some example, petition to continue Star vs The Forces of Evil (Disney series) got 700k back then and nope, they didn’t hear it. Then petition to get full season 3 of The Owl House (also disney series) after the announcement that they’re only getting 3 45-minute episodes instead of normal 20 episode got like 200k but they never hear it too. CP isn’t a Disney series or tv show but if a disney petition with 700k and 200k didn’t work, I don’t think any other disney petition will ever work.
      I really really love CPR but you have to admit that in the eyes of law, CPR is illegal. Disney may be the one that killed CP but they’re still holding the rights for CP franchise even if they didn’t care at all. CPR team can say “we are not affiliated with Disney” all they want but they are still taking Disney properties. And they even make money from it by deciding to make ads. Disney never liked it when someone else took their money. Disney is problematic and I have tons of problem with them so I don’t really care about people pirating their stuff or doing illegal stuff with Disney properties, but when real life law is involved sadly Disney will always win

  • Anonymous

    This is what happens when you lock exclusive items behind ad-chests. As If they haven’t been clashing with disney before.

  • Secret

    Ok I am honestly surprised CPR lasts this long. But I saw recently they are adding more ads. With the community going bigger, perhaps that’s why Disney copyright strike them? Disney doesn’t like when someone else took their money, they are always super protective of their intellectual properties, even the dead one. If only CPR team doesn’t make money like they did in the past, I don’t think this would happen. Or atleast CPR will last way more longer

  • Anonymous

    I’m heartbroken that the game is gone, especially after we just got card jitsu and puffles back. I feel like this maybe wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t implemented ads into the website

  • Kymguin

    First Feral being shut down because of NFTs, and now this. It really seems like the virtual world genre is taking its last breaths. Stay safe, make good choices, and waddle on.

  • Anonymous

    No freakin’ way… I’m so upset! My penguin, Blue0331, was around 3600 or 3700 days old… I hate Disney so much. 🙁

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