Code Contest #6: Blog Polling

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Hey everyone,

Yesterday I announced that I would dedicate this month to the community. As such, I found it suiting to make a contest related to the community and so I decided to do some voting for your favourite Club Penguin blog! Treasure Book codes or Card Jitsu codes are on grabs for the winner. Except, this contest has a twist.


There have been multiple contests for “The Best Blog” in the past. Take the Penguin Talent Awards last week for example. However, they all have something in common. They are all serious events which attracts a lot of cheating. So, I’m going to mess it up a bit. There will be two rounds, this round, and another round on July 15th. At the end of each round, I’m going to spin a wheel twice and the two blogs that land on it are removed from the competition. My point is, don’t take this event seriously. It is meant to be a fun event to appreciate blogging throughout our community which is why it is pretty randomised.

Round one: Ends 15th July 2016 at 00:01 (Penguin Standard Time)

Round two: Ends 29th July 2016 at 00:01 (Penguin Standard Time)

On the 14th July, the results for round one will be leaked. Only I can view the results until then. The same goes for the 28th of July, except for round two.

So, the rewards. The winner takes it all. There are two prizes on offer.

  • A Treasure Book Code (heads)
  • 4 Card Jitsu Codes (tails)

To add to the randomness of this contest, I will use an online coin flipper (flipper – get it?) to see what the prize will be. It will only be flipped once. There have been no nominations for the blogs. I have chosen them. If you do not wish to be included but you’ve been listed, please contact me by the 10th July 2016. It would be amazing if we could hit fifty votes! Here are the rules:

  1. All voters and blogs must comply with the Club Penguin Mountains terms and conditions (which is why PengFeed has not been included)
  2. You may only vote once every hour.
  3. On the 15th July 2016, the top eight are through to the next round where a further two blogs will be removed by random meaning the next poll will only have six blogs competing.


Yes, that is a pretty big list. Remember that only six blogs will make it through to achieve the prize! This means that there is a 25% chance you will be removed from the contest if your blog makes it through to the next round. Make sure you ask people to vote for you! A good campaign and, most importantly, a good blog is the key to success.

Waddle on!



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