My Letter From Club Penguin!

Hey everyone,

Less than a month ago, I made a post about my letter which I sent to the Club Penguin office, which you may remember me including a DVD in.  Much to my surprise, I received my letter today! I thought it would take months to get a response, but it took less than two weeks! Today I’m going to share my response from Wolfyjumps, the moderator who replied to me.

Here’s the back of the envelope.

letter back

Inside the envelope was a card which looks really awesome!


Here is the back of the card.


And of course, the most important thing, the actual letter inside the card.


This might be a little hard to read so I am going to type it out for you! Here is the reply I received.

Torres 126,

It was awesome to hear from you, especially since you included so many cool things with your letter.

The DVD was really neat!! We have a mini theatre here in the office and a bunch of us watched the shorts. The stories were really well done and it was great to see you pulling the community together to do the DVD.

It was also really cool to know about your site. Polo and the team spend a lot of time reading community sites like that, so it’s cool to see it myself. 

I’ll aslo [spelling Wolfy, spelling!] be sure to pass along your suggestions to the team. I can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to include them, but flippers crossed just in case!

As for the app, we can’t actually give permission to players to use Club Penguin property for personal use. If you have any other questions regarding this, then please email us at Club Penguin support!

Also, I know Card-Jitsu cards are pretty rare so I included the pack along with this letter. Thanks for sharing it with us! 🙂

Waddle on!

– Wolfyjumps

It’s amazing that Club Penguin watched the DVD (thank you guys so much for sending in your videos!) and they read a whole bunch of text. I’m really grateful to Wolfyjumps for replying back to me, so if you’re reading this now, thank you Wolfyjumps! The card now has a special place in my bedroom!

I would highly recommend posting a letter to Club Penguin. I got my reply in less than a fortnight and writing the letter was totally worth it!

Waddle on!


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