Community Appreciation – Day #2: Trainman1405

Hey everyone,

Welcome to this month’s series, community appreciation. In case you missed it, yesterday there was a poll for the best blog which you can participate in by clicking here. Today the series of posts really begins because I am going to be featuring certain penguins. For today, I have chosen Trainman1405.


Okay, seriously, who does not know Trainman1405? He is the owner of Club Penguin Memories and has been blogging for over eight years. His website has become hugely successful, with it being the two millionth most viewed website in the world, and is undoubtably one of the most well-known blogs in the community, particularly for older players. Trainman1405 has rarely missed a single update, blog post or piece of information about Club Penguin in living memory. Years ago, I asked him what inspired him to continue. He answered saying that he wants to share the knowledge of the game’s past. In fact, he originally started his blog to share pictures on Club Penguin.

Unlike many popular bloggers, Trainman1405 always interacts with his audience. When I first actually joined the community all the way back in 2013, guess who was the first person to talk to me and welcome me? Yep, it was Trainman1405. To this day, he continues to actively play a role in Club Penguin, despite the fact he recently celebrated his 21st birthday. It just goes to show that this community is for all ages! I still remember the time when I got a postcard from him on Club Penguin and I was so happy!

Unfortunately, Trainman1405 hasn’t had the easiest time. He suffers from an illness which makes him constantly tired. This means that he is home-schooled. In the past, he’s made many posts about his real life which you can read by clicking here. Despite facing depressing thoughts and feeling lonely, he has always been thankful for Club Penguin. I remember reading this post YEARS (don’t ask why I remember such stuff) ago and it was very sad to do so. Trainman has had a tough life but is an amazing person.

As of now, Trainman1405 continues to blog about Club Penguin but is considering stopping at the end of this year, or perhaps earlier. Whilst all good things come to an end, this will be a sad day for the community indeed.

thank you



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