Community Appreciation – Day #3: Rosytilly

Hey everyone,

Welcome to the third day of my community appreciation series! For today I have chosen a very special penguin who you probably have heard of or spoken to as she is very active throughout the Club Penguin community and has exceeded 250 thousand igloo likes, despite the fact she only joined in May 2010, which is a massive job! Still don’t get it? She’s Australian! Okay, now you probably have got it. It’s Rosytilly!
Update: Chilly573 has pointed out that the igloo liking system was created in 2012. My bad!


Rosytilly is also a really kind person who constantly gives encouragement to others and talks to other people in the community. She is one of the many friendly people in this large community which is why I have chosen her to be in this post, along for her creativity!

In fact, even Daffodaily5 agrees with me as she earnt the amazing award of being Penguin of the Week in July 2014. Although that sounds like a long time ago, probably because it is a pretty long time ago, Rosy is still active throughout the community today and you will almost certainly spot her at a community event.


Although there is so much more I could probably write now, I am struggling to think of some! I’ll probably remember after this post is published though. Oh well.

thank you

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