Community Appreciation – Day #4: C0mputerguy

Hey everyone,

Welcome to the fourth day of my Community Appreciation series. In case you don’t know, I have been selecting some penguins in the community who are really special. For today, I am selecting someone who has been in the community for several years now and even blogged for Club Penguin Mountains (or Club Penguin Torres 126 at the time) a while. It’s C0mputerguy!


C0mputerguy is a really friendly person in this community! Along with that, he has been a successful blogger and YouTuber. I still remember when I first spoke to him on the Penguin Lodge chat. This was around three years ago. Good times! 🙂

At this moment in time, he creates several memes on a Twitter account (@CPOfficialMemes) which you can view by clicking here.

So, let’s start with his successes. C0mputerguy was one of the best bloggers for this website, winning multiple “Best Author” contests and therefore winning a lot of codes from me. He won countless of these terrible-looking certificates. Without him, this website almost certainly would not be what it is today, so thank you.

Not only is he an amazing blogger, but he also has a YouTube channel which recently exceeded seven thousand views! Unfortunately, he hasn’t created a video in over two years. This is his most recent video, though he has made better videos in my opinion! If you wish, you can subscribe to him by clicking here.

But C0mputerguy isn’t just a brilliant blogger and a video maker. He’s also a really motivational person.

“Be the positive, think the positive, and do the positive.” -C0mputerguy

C0mputerguy is really an amazing person in this community and in my opinion, he definitely deserves to be appreciated.

thank you

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